Smuggler Newbies Guide

Corso Riggs, Smuggler companion

Smugglers may not be the most popular class in The Old Republic, but they sure are fun to play. However, there is some skill involved and newbies sometimes have a tough time wrapping their head around some basics of this class. That’s why Torwars decided to publish a short yet useful beginners guide for Smuggler, teaching you everything you need to know about them. Well, almost everything. You can find the full guide below! We already have some of the information found in this guide posted previously, so I provided…

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SWTOR Bounty Hunter Beginners Guide

Bounty Hunter Beginners Guide

Bounty Hunters aren’t exactly known as one of the most played classes in Star Wars: The Old Republic. One reason being, they’re not as easy to play as some other classes are. That’s why having a newbies guide to help beginners figure out things in this game is helpful, and Torwars made sure to publish it. You can read the full Bounty Hunter newbies guide below. Contents: Advanced Classes Companions Species & Appearance Leveling Stats & Equipment Crew Skills Heat System Skill Rotation & Combat The Bounty Hunter brings a…

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Jedi Knight Specializations Guide

Jedi Guardian

Jedi Knights have access to two specializations: Jedi Sentinel and Jedi Guardian. The following will explain the pros and cons of both and what they’re designed for. Jedi Guardian A wall between the good people of the Republic and their enemies, the Guardian stands firm in the face of overwhelming odds and dares opponents to attack. Perfect concentration and use of the Force allows smooth movement even in heavy armor–making the Guardian a hard target to take down. Leaders on and off the battlefield, Guardians are known for inspiring allies…

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SWTOR Bounty Hunter Advanced Classes

SWTOR Bounty Hunter - Powertech

Bounty Hunters can choose from one of the two following advanced classes: Powertech and Mercenary. Mercenary class is focused on ranged damage dealing, dual wielding and use of the wrist-mounted Rocket Launcher; they can also be healers. Powertechs on the other hand are tanks who focus on Gadgets, Energy Shields, and the Flamethrower. Powertech Powertechs rely heavily on defense and advanced technology. They are able to use high-powered flame throwers to incinerate their enemies, whilst taking in tons of damage; this would make them the perfect tank in a team.…

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Jedi Consular Advanced Classes/Specializations Guide

Jedi Shadow

Jedi Consular, much like other SWTOR classes have access to two specializations/advanced classes which you can choose at level 10: Jedi Sage wields a single-bladed lightsaber, has powerful telekinetics/healing and is a ranged controller with damage or healing powers. Jedi Shadow wields double-bladed lightsabers, and possess stealth and burst melee damage abilities. They can also tank. Jedi Sage The Jedi Sage’s abilities will focus on healing and removing negative effects on allies. They will also have a powerful range of force powers to attack enemies at range. Read more about…

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SWTOR Imperial Agent Specializations Guide

Imperial Agent - Operative

Imperial Agents have two class specializations or advanced classes: Operative and Sniper. Below you’ll find some details on each one. Operative Operatives specialize heavily in stealth and concealment, with this they are able to strike at an enemy without the enemy even knowing they were there. Along with stealth, they are able to specialize in medical technologies, allowing them to heal players. An Operative could make an extremely useful teammate to have on the field. Combining the expertise of multiple disciplines, Operatives adapt to any environment and any circumstance to…

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SWTOR Bounty Hunter Class Overview

SWTOR Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunters employ a wide range of tactics, utilizing technology, weaponry, explosives, brute force and old fashioned hunting skills to track down illusive prey and tip the odds in a bounty hunters favor. Generally outnumbered, but rarely outgunned, a Bounty Hunter is usually proficient in many forms of combat and weaponry, augmenting a regular trooper-worthy plethora of weapons with others such as wrist mounted flame-throwers and rockets. Most are bedecked in custom designed battle suits which can range from mobile light and medium armor, to the heavy armor suits preferred…

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Smuggler Specializations Guide


There are two Smuggler class specializations (advanced classes), and they are Gunslinger and Scoundrel. Below you’ll find more information on each of them. Gunslinger The Gunslinger focuses on ranged combat using dual pistols. The Saboteur skill tree teaches the Gunslinger the usage of explosives and advanced tech where the Sharpshooter skill tree focuses on ranged, precise high damage attacks. The shared skill tree Dirty Fighting focuses on using all sorts of dirty tricks to defeat the enemy. More about Gunslinger spec (builds, abilities, leveling, PvP, tactics, …) Master of the…

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Sith Warrior Specializations Guide

Sith Warrior Specializations Guide

There are two class specializations for the Sith Warrior (or otherwise known as advanced classes). They are Sith Marauder and Sith Juggernaut. Juggernaut Sith Juggernauts are Sith specialized in combat endurance and were known for wearing armor that provided them special protection in battle. Sith Juggernauts were known to primarily wield one lightsaber in combat, and were frequently adept at using the Force to cause terror and despair in enemy combatants. Primary Focus: Single Saber / Heavy Armor Fear and Darkside Auras Tank or Single Saber DPS The second specialization…

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Trooper Specializations Guide

Trooper Advanced Classes

Troopers have access to two different specializations: Vanguard and Commando. You can view both of them in action in the Trooper Progression video, or read on to find out a bit more about each. Do not miss: Commando spec guide, Vanguard spec guide. Commando Commando Troopers are the warriors of the battlefield and focus more on Offense than Defense, using brute force to overwhelm enemies. Commandos are able to take out a vast number of enemies with heavy concussive blasts from their Blaster Cannons. Commando mainly focuses on using powerful…

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