How to Open Black Gate in Black Cove

Black Ominous Gate

To open the Ominous Black Gate inside the Black Cove, you need to do a couple of things which may not be too obvious on your first playthrough.

First, you need to find a hidden switch behind a painting on a wall. The painting says “Painting of a Woman” when hovered over with your mouse.

Painting of a Woman

The switch is very difficult to see from most angles. To use the switch more easily, try holding “V” and rotating your camera as shown on the screenshot below:

Painting of a Woman - back side

The switch should be in the bottom corner of the painting.

Once you’ve clicked on the switch, use the trap door that opens. You can spot the trap door on the first screenshot above showing the Painting from the front – the trap door to the basement is in top left corner.

Once you’re down the hatch..

When you climb down, you will eventually reach a large area with many switches you can interact with. Some of these switches will trigger rewards, fights, or explosions.

All these switches are optional, except one. The Blood-Stained Switch is the one you need to progress further. Expectedly, it’s one of the hardest ones to spot.

Blood-Stained Switch
Blood-Stained Switch location

Blood-Stained Switch is shown on the screenshot above.

Here’s what other switches do:

  • Exotic Switch – teleports you to the beginning of the zone and places mines on the switch platform
  • Golden Switch – drops a reward chest, which deals shadow damage to your character when opened
  • Coppery Switch – gives you an unidentified amulet with Bartering bonus
  • Unlocked Switch – gives an achievement
  • Frosty Switch – freezes your character
  • Raze’s Switch – spawns a doll item
  • Regular Switch – unclear purpose, your character simply says “Wonder what that did?”
  • Worm Switch – Attempts to cripple you and break your weapon
  • Ominous Switch – teleports your group to another area of the island which is otherwise unreachable. This area has an Ornate chest. There’s a button on the ground which will teleport you back.
  • Mysterious Switch – teleports your group
  • Warm Switch – fires fireballs
  • Rot Covered Switch – inflicts shadow damage and gives you disease
  • Glassy Switch – swaps position of your party members (if split)
  • Chalky Switch – spawns a pirate skeleton you will fight with
  • Vibrating Switch – stuns your character

We hope our short guide helps explain how to open the Black Gate.

If you have any other Divinity: Original Sin questions let us know!

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