SWTOR Bounty Hunter Beginners Guide

Bounty Hunter Beginners Guide

Bounty Hunters aren’t exactly known as one of the most played classes in Star Wars: The Old Republic. One reason being, they’re not as easy to play as some other classes are. That’s why having a newbies guide to help beginners figure out things in this game is helpful, and Torwars made sure to publish it. You can read the full Bounty Hunter newbies guide below. Contents: Advanced Classes Companions Species & Appearance Leveling Stats & Equipment Crew Skills Heat System Skill Rotation & Combat The Bounty Hunter brings a…

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SWTOR Bounty Hunter Companions List

Skadge companion

Below is a full list of known companions for Bounty Hunters. Note that the list may not be complete and some bonuses and information may not be up to date. Mako Species: Female Human Planet: Hutta Ranged healing Medium armor Crew Skills: +5 Cybertech Efficiency, +15 Slicing Efficiency Blizz Species: Male Jawa Planet: Hoth Ranged Tank Heavy Armor Crew Skill: +15 Armormech Efficiency, +1 Armstech Critical Skadge Species: male Houk Planet: Belsavis Melee tank Heavy armor Flamethrower Kit Crew Skills: +10 Scavenging Efficiency, +2 Treasure Hunting Critical Torian Caldera Species:…

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SWTOR Bounty Hunter Advanced Classes

SWTOR Bounty Hunter - Powertech

Bounty Hunters can choose from one of the two following advanced classes: Powertech and Mercenary. Mercenary class is focused on ranged damage dealing, dual wielding and use of the wrist-mounted Rocket Launcher; they can also be healers. Powertechs on the other hand are tanks who focus on Gadgets, Energy Shields, and the Flamethrower. Powertech Powertechs rely heavily on defense and advanced technology. They are able to use high-powered flame throwers to incinerate their enemies, whilst taking in tons of damage; this would make them the perfect tank in a team.…

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SWTOR Bounty Hunter Abilities

Swtor Bounty Hunter - Rope Pull ability

The Bounty Hunters are highly skilled in ranged combat. Focusing on quick firing laser blasters and range of darts, chaffs and a flamethrower. Bounty Hunter abilities generate heat which must be allowed to dissipate before they can be used again. In addition to the abilities listed below there are more which are specific to the two specializations. Starting Abilities Name Description Rigid Shots A quick stream of blasts causing moderate damage. Missle Blast Fires a rocket at an enemy, doing a high amount of damage and knockdown to the first…

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SWTOR Bounty Hunter Class Overview

SWTOR Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunters employ a wide range of tactics, utilizing technology, weaponry, explosives, brute force and old fashioned hunting skills to track down illusive prey and tip the odds in a bounty hunters favor. Generally outnumbered, but rarely outgunned, a Bounty Hunter is usually proficient in many forms of combat and weaponry, augmenting a regular trooper-worthy plethora of weapons with others such as wrist mounted flame-throwers and rockets. Most are bedecked in custom designed battle suits which can range from mobile light and medium armor, to the heavy armor suits preferred…

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