Skill Tree Builds For Marauder Class

PoE Skill Tree

Marauders are one of the most popular classes in Path of Exile. They are very versatile and can be built in a variety of ways, although most players prefer a combination of tanky and DPS stats. Fortunately the Marauder can easily access great tanking stats like resistances, armor and health, all the while having plenty of damage dealing options. Below I’ll go over a few proven builds that players have found to be effective. Most of them are equally good for leveling and at end-game, but some are more gear…

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GW2 Professions Guide

Ancient Binding

In Guild Wars 2 classes are in fact called professions. There are eight different ones, each with their own unique set of abilities, mechanics, attacks, play style and roles. The profession you choose will determine which skills, traits and equipment options are available to you. Unlike in many other MMORP games professions in GW2 are not restricted to particular races or genders, so no matter what race you pick you’ll still be able to contribute in a way you prefer. It should be noted that once you choose a class…

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GW2 Leveling Guide

Guild Wars 2 is the sequel to the award-winning MMORPG game Guild Wars with millions of players. The original game was released in a short timeframe as World of Warcraft and has millions of players, even though it never was as popular as its biggest competitor. The game is PvP focused and received several expansions to date which further improved the game. Guild Wars 2 (GW2) is set to be the next big MMORPG game, and judging by how popular the original title is GW2 will surely be just as…

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