Archeage Release Date Announced: September 16, 2014

Archeage release date

After months and even years of waiting Trion finally announced the official release date of ArcheAge on their PAX Prime booth! This fantasy sandbox game blew up in popularity recently and is highly anticipated in the west, so it’s a very surprising reveal that the release date is only a couple of weeks away. Official launch date for ArcheAge is September 16th, 2014. There will also be another open beta event from 4th to 8th in which you can put finishing touches on your beta characters. Those of you who…

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ArcheAge Closed Beta Starts on July 17th

ArcheAge Closed Beta

All ArcheAge players who were anxiously waiting for the closed beta to start can finally mark their calendars and clear their schedules. Game Founders and invited beta testers can jump in and experience ArcheAge’s sandbox world less than a week from now! Next weekend of closed beta will begin on Thursday, July 17th at 1:00pm and will last until 1:00 PM on Monday 21st. If you obtained access to closed beta testing yourself you will be able to jump into this exciting game and finally experience pirating, crafting, questing, PvP…

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New Recipe Discovered: 20% Quality Gems

Path of Exile combat

New vendor recipe has recently been discovered that many players are already taking advantage of. I’ve seen the trade chat filled all day long now with people selling 20% quality gems, typically well overpriced. Just in case you were to fall prey to hundreds of players currently trying to earn a few coins make sure to remember the recipe. It’s overly simple and frankly it’s surprising it wasn’t already well-known. All you have to do is trade a level 20 gem and one Gemcutter’s Prism to a vendor and you’ll…

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Neverwinter Ready For Beta Testing With New Trailer

Those of you who already purchased the Founder’s Pack or Guardian of Neverwinter Founder’s Pack already have a guaranteed access to all three beta weekends for Neverwinter Online, but the rest of you eager to try this exciting game be sure to sign up here for beta access. In case you get lucky and manage to gain access to the beta you’ll be able to play as a Trickster Rogue, Devoted Cleric or a Guardian Fighter, and be able to access content up to level 30. The first beta weekend…

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Neverwinter Releasing Q4 2012

Perfect World just announced today that their Dungeons and Dragons MMORPG Neverwinter Nights will be released in fourth quarter this year. That’s definitely great news for most players who are anticipating this game’s release. In other news, Perfect World also opened their German and French websites, so if you’re from either of those countries you might want to check them out for some localized content. Obviously they’ll be catering to various player bases which I definitely applaud. While no exact release date was yet given, it’s definitely great to know…

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The Secret World Preorders Now Available

The Secret World Preorders

A few months until the release date of the game, and Funcom finally enabled pre-orders for The Secret World. The growing anticipation for this game is evident from the number of new players that keep asking questions about this game, and from what we know so far it’s going to be a massive release. Anyway, there are several game editions you can preorder. The standard edition costs $49,99 and includes the following bonuses: Guaranteed Early Access to the game, up to four days prior to the game’s official launch An…

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XL Games Released a New ArcheAge Trailer

ArcheAge CB3 Trailer Screenshot

ArcheAge, a game that has been in development since 2006 has finally started to receive some attention and publicity. XL Games just released a new teaser trailer you can watch below — the full trailer will be released soon. Watching these trailers sure gets blood pumping in anticipation for this exciting game. Closed beta 3 is about to start, meaning we’ll probably see this title come out later this year. Fingers crossed!

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