Infiltrating the Immaculates – Shrine Lever & Temple Switches

Immaculates Temple lever location

Infiltrating the Immaculates is part of the main storyline in Divinity: Original Sin. Most of this quest is fairly straightforward, but at the later stages you may encounter two hard to spot objects you will need to progress further. Once you reach Mangoth in the underground Immaculates temple, you will first need to open a trap door next to the altar where Mangoth disappears from. To open the door, use the lever displayed on the screenshot above. Next step is to take a path in front of the altar that…

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Another Crazed Mage Quest Guide

Another Crazed Mage switch

Another Crazed Mage is a side quest in Divinity: Original Sin. After defeating the Source Abomination mini boss, you can walk upstairs the ramp to reach a room with this crazed mage. Once you enter the room, the mage will tell you that you need to find a way to disarm the trap in the room, otherwise your character will die. The character which triggered the quest must not move, otherwise an explosion will kill him and potentially your whole group. This might be a good time to quick save…

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How to Open Black Gate in Black Cove

Black Ominous Gate

To open the Ominous Black Gate inside the Black Cove, you need to do a couple of things which may not be too obvious on your first playthrough. First, you need to find a hidden switch behind a painting on a wall. The painting says “Painting of a Woman” when hovered over with your mouse. The switch is very difficult to see from most angles. To use the switch more easily, try holding “V” and rotating your camera as shown on the screenshot below: The switch should be in the…

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WoW Classic: Darkmoon Faire Sayge Buffs Answers

WoW Classic 5

When it comes to raiding in WoW Classic, not much is left to chance. Players will grab every advantage they can get, including world buffs, songflowers, and especially Darkmoon Faire buffs. Sayge is located within the Darkmoon Faire camp, and simply speaking to him will give you a potent buff for 2 hours. This is most important on damage dealers as it increases their overall damage done by a whooping 10%. To get the 10% damage increasing buff you have to go through Sayge’s dialogue and select the first answer…

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WoW Classic: Raid Debuff Slots

WoW Classic 3

Common question when it comes to raiding in WoW Classic is about debuff slots on enemies. Blizzard chose to make only 16 debuffs available on any given target at a time, which makes every damage dealer’s job more complex. Debuff limits may mean that your class can not be utilized to their highest potential. The biggest impact is on classes such as Warlocks who rely on multiple damage-over-time spells to achieve maximum DPS. In majority of 40-man raids these are the debuffs which are expected on bosses: Sunder Armor Demoralizing…

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WoW Classic Felwood Songflower Locations

WoW Classic 6

Raiding in WoW Classic is all about world buffs. Onyxia and Nefarian head, Zandalar buff, Darkmoon Faire and Dire Maul Tribute (DMT) are frequently seen on raiders. Songflower buff from Felwood is seen with increasing frequency as well. It gives players 5% to critical strike chance on all melee, ranged and spell attacks. This damage increase can be substantial so it’s no surprise players are looking to get it. Map below includes all Songflower spawn locations in Felwood zone. Each location has a 25 minute cooldown.

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Choosing Your Race: Racial Traits & Hitboxes

TERA Races

In TERA there are seven different races. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses, distinctive looks, different racial traits and hitboxes. If you only care about the looks of your character then choosing a race will be an easy choice for you, but for everyone else a comparison of racial traits will probably be helpful. Also, if you plan on doing PvP extensively you might want to consider class hitboxes as well. More details on all of this below! Aman Baraka Castanic Elin High Elf Human Popori Hitboxes Conclusion  …

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Know Your Classes: Beginners Class Guide


Picking a class is one of the most important things players go through when trying a new game. There are seven different races and everyone has their own reasons for picking one; combine that with 8 different classes, and you get many possible class/race combos, and picking the best one may not just be a matter of personal preference. Everyone has their own style of play though, so this article will provide you with a beginners breakdown of all classes in TERA, their basic gameplay style, an example of a…

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TERA Crafting Guide for Beginners

TERA Crafting Recipes

In TERA you can gain equipment either from monster drops and quests, but one of more popular ways to get good gear is by crafting. Professions are often very important in MMORPGs and they are quite helpful in Tera as well. Equipment you can get from quests can be useful, but it’s rarely of high quality, and unless you’re killing rare elites or bosses you won’t get good gear from random drops either. Crafting provides players with a good alternative to getting good armor and weapons, which is why almost…

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TERA Base Class Stats (Infographic)

TERA Base Class Stats

As many players have been looking for base stats for every class, I decided it would be nice to compile all that basic info into one resource. From now on, if you need to quickly figure out which class’ basic attributes are highest or lowest, the following infographic should give you a good overview. It includes every class’ Health Points, Mana Points, Damage, Defense, Movement Speed, Critical Hit, Attack Speed and Range. The stats are color coded so you can more easily see which class has average, below average or…

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TERA Gear Attributes & Upgrading Guide

Tera Online logo

Fellow explorer of Arborea, you are now about to discover a very important aspect of TERA. Something which we won’t enjoy as there is a lot of Luck involved. That is, if we wish to get the best stats on our gear… the world of Gear Attributes and Upgrading. Now before some people get scared by the idea of RNG, it is not necessary to get the best stats or the highest level of enchanting to do really well in TERA (both in PvP and PvE). However if you wish…

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Fallout Shelter Objectives Guide

Fallout Shelter Objectives Guide

Since the release of Fallout Shelter on Android a month ago I’ve been spending way too much time playing it than I’d like to admit. The game is very addictive, and I built several vaults from scratch during this time. The biggest reason Fallout Shelter is such a time-killer are the Objectives: just as you complete one of them, another pops up just begging you to complete it before you go off. I’m always hopeful the next one will include a Lunchbox as reward, and the excitement of opening one…

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Winning Fallout Shelter: Faster Caps & No Raiders Trick

Fallout Shelter rushing trick

Since the release of Fallout Shelter for Android, I’ve been spending far too much time overseeing my vault and trying to make my dwellers happy. It’s a really fun and casual game, but it does take quite awhile to build everything, and when you finally get your resource production in order you will inevitably run out of caps (money in Fallout games). The best way to get caps in Fallout Shelter is of course rushing rooms. Every rush though has a certain chance of succeeding, but failing a rush can…

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Anub’Arak Build & Guide – Heroes of the Storm

Anub'arak build and guide

Anub’arak, the undead beetle from Warcraft universe is making his appearance in Heroes of the Storm as well. He’s a Warrior class Hero who excels at tanking entire teams and has a wide range of useful abilities to help his team to victory. To those who played the Undead in Warcraft III some of the ability names and overall playstyle will definitely be familiar, and my Anub’arak build guide will outline his strengths and weaknesses and show you how to best play him in Heroes of the Storm. If you…

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Heroes of the Storm Zagara Build Guide

Zagara build and guide

Zagara is a demolitionist class hero in Heroes of the Storm taken from the Starcraft universe. She excels at destroying structures and is a beast in 1v1 situations with astonishing damage output. Zagara has plenty of excellent talents which help her overcome her downsides, and make her even more powerful in other areas. What Zagara lacks in defense and mobility, the makes up for in damage output. For demolishing structures she has quite a lot of tools at her disposal, from long-range damage spells to summonable voidlings that help quickly…

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