Anub’Arak Build & Guide – Heroes of the Storm

Anub'arak build and guide

Anub’arak, the undead beetle from Warcraft universe is making his appearance in Heroes of the Storm as well. He’s a Warrior class Hero who excels at tanking entire teams and has a wide range of useful abilities to help his team to victory. To those who played the Undead in Warcraft III some of the ability names and overall playstyle will definitely be familiar, and my Anub’arak build guide will outline his strengths and weaknesses and show you how to best play him in Heroes of the Storm. If you…

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Heroes of the Storm Zagara Build Guide

Zagara build and guide

Zagara is a demolitionist class hero in Heroes of the Storm taken from the Starcraft universe. She excels at destroying structures and is a beast in 1v1 situations with astonishing damage output. Zagara has plenty of excellent talents which help her overcome her downsides, and make her even more powerful in other areas. What Zagara lacks in defense and mobility, the makes up for in damage output. For demolishing structures she has quite a lot of tools at her disposal, from long-range damage spells to summonable voidlings that help quickly…

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Heroes of the Storm Nazeebo Build Guide

Nazeebo build and guide

Like most heroes from the Diablo series, the Heretic Witch Doctor Nazeebo is yet another very fun character to play as in HotS. Zombies, spiders, toads, and other nefarious summons are his trademark and if you want to curse your enemies (outside the chat, of course), Nazeebo could be a great hero to purchase in Heroes of the Storm. Below we’ll take a look at Nazeebo’s spells giving you a breakdown of how this hero plays out, and of course we’ll go into detail about which talents you should be…

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HotS: Zeratul Hero Build and Guide

Zeratul build and guide

Zeratul is a sneaky melee assassin from the Starcraft universe. He’s one of my favorite heroes to play in Heroes of the Storm (HotS), and his mobility and overall play style is incredibly fun. While he has some downsides (most importantly, his survivability), he’s certainly at the top of the food chain as an assassin. The following guide will show you Zeratul’s abilities, talents, and show you the basics of playing him. Jump to: Skills, Talents, Heroic Ability Disclaimer: the recommended talents are based on my personal preferences and play…

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HotS: Valla Guide & Build

Valla Build Guide

If you enjoyed playing a Demon Hunter in Diablo III, you will quickly fall in love with Valla. I’m actually impressed how familiar the playstyle feels from spending countless days and nights in the Sanctuary, and how seamlessly it translates into Heroes of the Storm. Valla is a ranged Assassin specializing in hit-and-run tactics with quick bursts of damage, and she also excels at chasing down her enemies. Her spells and talents truly make her a unique hero which is not only viable in competitive games but also immensely fun…

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HotS: Jaina Build Guide

Jaina Build & Guide

Jaina Proudmoore is everything you’d expect from a frost mage coming from the Warcraft universe. She’s a ranged assassin with tons of damage, devastating spell combos, and she excels at crowd control and AoE damage. What Jaina lacks in escape and defense she more than makes up for with burst damage, critical strikes, and the ability to chase and finish off her enemies. Check out my Janna spells and talents guide below, and find out the best way to build her. Skills (Trait) Frostbite: All abilities Chill targets, slowing Movement…

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Maximizing Gold & Experience in Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm logo wallpaper

Besides obviously wanting to win a game against your opponents, one of the key things players want in Heroes of the Storm is to gain more gold to purchase playable heroes. All of them are of course obtainable for RL money, though it would be very expensive to constantly pay for them with your hard earned cash. Playable Heroes can also be purchased with in-game gold but earning it in substantial amounts can be a very time-consuming process, something which the game has been quite criticized about. If you’re a…

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