Official Skyrim Guide – Walkthrough, Quests, Leveling, Items & More

Prima Skyrim Guide

Out of all game leveling and strategy guides, official guides are often not as useful or detailed. Skyrim however has an official guide published by Prima, and it’s a really high-quality edition features a ton of content on more than 650 printed pages. It includes some really useful content such as character builds containing skills, perks, items, and leveling information. Additionally, it has info on in-game collectibles (skill books, unique items, treasure maps), and a list of trainers and followers. Also there’s a helpful crafting guide telling you where to…

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How To Level Up Quickly in Skyrim

Skyrim logo

There’s an absolutely impressive number of players looking for quick ways to level up their characters in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This is an amazingly massive game that provides literally hundreds of hours of exciting gameplay. Even if you “complete” the main storyline in Skyrim a couple of times, chances are you still missed quite a lot in this game. Fortunately there’s a quick and simple solution to this and they are called Skyrim leveling guides. They are mostly focused on providing players various ways and tips on how to…

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