Why Trust Leveling-Guides.com

Unbiased Reviews

There’s a lot of websites out there claiming to bring you unbiased reviews of leveling guides, but unfortunately that’s not always true. From my experience only a handful of them can actually be trusted, mostly for the fact that a lot of those websites are created by the authors of leveling guides themselves to promote their own product. Clearly such an author can not be considered unbiased and their reviews will more than likely favor their own guide.

Leveling-Guides.com on the other hand is created and maintained by myself and never influenced by other guide authors. Needless to say I don’t write my own leveling guides therefore it makes absolutely no difference to me which one I promote. The goal of this website is to evaluate and review every possible guide I find so you can always turn to this place to find out which one really is worth the buck.


Pretty much every significant MMORPG game that enters the market eventually falls into my hands and I love playing those games. It’s not a secret I get bored of them typically in a few weeks, but I do learn a lot about the game in that time and by always following the leveling guides I frequently level up at least one character to the level cap. I may not be an expert or a pro player but I do consider myself pretty skilled with video games and I love sharing my opinions.  Truth be told most of the time I don’t need a guide to tell me what to do in a game but I still find them quite useful to have and no doubt they speed up the learning curve.


I’m a frequent visitor to a number of gaming forums and always appreciate other people’s opinions. A lot of times I’m also in contact with the guide authors, giving them suggestions on improving their guides. Again, that doesn’t mean I’m influenced by them, in fact quite the contrary: guide writers usually contact me to find out why I gave them a less than ideal review. Fortunately most of the time they listen to my feedback and quite often improve the guide as a result.


I cannot even count how many MMORPG games I’ve played in the last years. Any popular title you can think of I probably tried, which gives me a good perspective on what to expect. There’s rarely a game that doesn’t have at least one strategy or leveling guide and you can be sure I’ve read it. I read countless guides and I can really tell a useful one from that which is less useful, or even bad. Not everyone may always agree with my opinions but for the most part I’m sure you’ll be more than happy with my recommendations.


I received countless thank you emails and been featured on many blogs and websites which gives me a reason to go on with my reviews. There are sites similar to Leveling-Guides.com but none of them have truly reviewed as many guides as I have and it’s not uncommon for the authors of those websites to favor some guides over other despite its obvious flaws. Leveling-Guides.com is the leading website in reviewing leveling and strategy guides for online games. Your continued support and trust is much appreciated!