BF3 Leveling Guide

Battlefield 3 logo

If you care about getting levels quickly in Battlefield 3 and unlocking all weapon customizations as fast as possible, you’ll surely be interested in the following few leveling tips. While some of the following 8 tips are well known to a lot of players, those of you who are new to the game might want a little guidance, so this leveling guide will provide you with the necessary tips and tricks for exactly that. 1. Stick with your squad The most important tip. I’m sure you already know this. Yet…

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BF3: Classes Guide

Battlefield 3 Classes

There are four different classes (often referred to as kits) in Battlefield 3: Assault, Support, Recon and Engineer. While the differences aren’t as massive as in MMORPGs I usually write guides about, there still are some which will affect your gameplay style. The Assault class is like a medic with rifles that helps the players who are wounded, being able to heal and revive them. As you might expect the Engineer has Rocket Launchers suited for destroying vehicles, and is capable of repairing them as well. The Support class comes…

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BF3: Weapon Attachments Guide

Battlefield 3 features a wide variety of weapon attachments for most of the weapons that are available to you. Ranging from sights, to barrels, to bipods, each weapon has a number of attachments that can be unlocked by playing with that particular weapon. Below you’ll find a comprehensive list of Battlefield 3 weapon attachments along with some instructions on how to use them and comparisons of their benefits. Sights/optics Under barrel attachments: Foregrip, Underslung rail, M320 Grenade Launcher, Bipod, Tactical Light, Laser Sight Barrel attachments: Heavy Barrel, Suppressor, Flash Suppressor…

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Battlefield 3 Strategy Guide

Battlefield 3 is a highly-anticipated title that has proven itself time and time again to be one of the best first person shooter games on the market today. Battlefield title has an enormous player base and millions of sales, and every time a new sequel comes out is always breaks a few sales records. Battlefield 3 is the newest installation of this game and features many improvements from previous titles. While it’s often been said it’s a bit lacking in singleplayer campaign, the multiplayer experience is superb and will keep…

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