BF3 Leveling Guide

If you care about getting levels quickly in Battlefield 3 and unlocking all weapon customizations as fast as possible, you’ll surely be interested in the following few leveling tips. While some of the following 8 tips are well known to a lot of players, those of you who are new to the game might want a little guidance, so this leveling guide will provide you with the necessary tips and tricks for exactly that.

1. Stick with your squad

The most important tip. I’m sure you already know this. Yet I bet a part of you will always try to act like Rambo. You might think that you’re doing better off when solo, but that’s only K:D wise. The XP points you earn when playing with your squad and assisting each others in kills is much higher compared to that you get when soloing.

2. Use a mic

I don’t think this really needs explanation. Using a microphone will help you communicate better with your team/squad, and having one is crucial to doing good in BF3.

3. Know your role and play your game

I can write so much about this. One of the major reasons a lot of Battlefield 3 players struggle is because they don’t really understand what they are supposed to do as a class. Every class has a role and responsibilities. Learn what are yours and try to stick to those and you’ll see yourself doing much better.

4. Suppress

I’ve written in several of my guides how important it is to suppress. Not only you get to save your team mates in help, it can work really good when you’re trying to push as well.

5. Spot

Very important. If you see an enemy and just kill directly you don’t earn much XP points. Instead make it a habit of pressing Q first to spot the enemy. This will make them flash for 5 seconds on your teams map. You earn points if your team member manages to kill that enemy and double if squad member does.

6. Be your squad’s spawn point

When you die you should always check where your surviving team mates are. If they are close to the objective, then spawn and assist them. This way you can help them when they are in need and earn those precious assist XP points.

Also when none of your members are alive, it’s up to you to stay alive so that they can respawn on you.

7. Learn to follow as well as lead

As a squad leader you can get to earn a lot of points by giving attack or defend order. As a member you can earn by following these orders when you kill all the enemies with in the radius set after tagging a location for attack or defend. Just like spotting this is also a really good way of earning XP.

8. Plant bombs & secure/defend objectives

Don’t play too safe. Take risks, take chances. Push when others won’t.

  • Arm or Disarm a bomb in rush – 50 XP
  • Capture location in conquest – 150 XP
  • Kill an enemy while defending your base – 50 XP
  • Win rush mode – 100 XP
  • Win conquest mode – 500 XP

If you note the first three, all the major XP points are where you accomplish an important objective or do something for that team that is more than just a kill.

Be sure to also take a look at the tips we have for leveling as each class. Hopefully you’ve found these few quick leveling tips useful. If you have any more, be sure to post them in the comments below.

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