WoW Classic: Raid Debuff Slots

WoW Classic Raid DebuffsCommon question when it comes to raiding in WoW Classic is about debuff slots on enemies. Blizzard chose to make only 16 debuffs available on any given target at a time, which makes every damage dealer’s job more complex.

Debuff limits may mean that your class can not be utilized to their highest potential. The biggest impact is on classes such as Warlocks who rely on multiple damage-over-time spells to achieve maximum DPS.

In majority of 40-man raids these are the debuffs which are expected on bosses:

  1. Sunder Armor
  2. Demoralizing Shout
  3. Thunderfury (Thunder Clap effect)
  4. Thunderfury (nature resistance debuff)
  5. Curse of Recklessness
  6. Curse of Shadows
  7. Curse of the Elements
  8. Shadow Vulnerability from Improved Shadowbolt
  9. Faerie Fire
  10. Hunter’s Mark
  11. Shadow Vulnerability (Shadow Weaving)
  12. Mind Flay
  13. Shadow Word: Pain
  14. Winter’s Chill (AQ: Improved Scorch)
  15. Corruption (AQ: Ignite)
  16. Flex Slot (Taunt, Stormstrike, Hunter T2 etc.)

Some guilds may prefer one ability over another. Some guilds may also be unwilling to take Shadowpriests or Fire Mages to their raids, even though in later phases these specs can be quite effective.

But in general as outlined above those are the common debuffs you will see used on bosses. So Hunters, stop using those Viper Stings, there are more important debuffs!

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