WoW Classic: Darkmoon Faire Sayge Buffs Answers

WoW Classic 5

When it comes to raiding in WoW Classic, not much is left to chance. Players will grab every advantage they can get, including world buffs, songflowers, and especially Darkmoon Faire buffs. Sayge is located within the Darkmoon Faire camp, and simply speaking to him will give you a potent buff for 2 hours. This is most important on damage dealers as it increases their overall damage done by a whooping 10%. To get the 10% damage increasing buff you have to go through Sayge’s dialogue and select the first answer…

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WoW Classic: Raid Debuff Slots

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Common question when it comes to raiding in WoW Classic is about debuff slots on enemies. Blizzard chose to make only 16 debuffs available on any given target at a time, which makes every damage dealer’s job more complex. Debuff limits may mean that your class can not be utilized to their highest potential. The biggest impact is on classes such as Warlocks who rely on multiple damage-over-time spells to achieve maximum DPS. In majority of 40-man raids these are the debuffs which are expected on bosses: Sunder Armor Demoralizing…

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WoW Classic Felwood Songflower Locations

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Raiding in WoW Classic is all about world buffs. Onyxia and Nefarian head, Zandalar buff, Darkmoon Faire and Dire Maul Tribute (DMT) are frequently seen on raiders. Songflower buff from Felwood is seen with increasing frequency as well. It gives players 5% to critical strike chance on all melee, ranged and spell attacks. This damage increase can be substantial so it’s no surprise players are looking to get it. Map below includes all Songflower spawn locations in Felwood zone. Each location has a 25 minute cooldown.

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