Infiltrating the Immaculates – Shrine Lever & Temple Switches

Immaculates Temple lever location

Infiltrating the Immaculates is part of the main storyline in Divinity: Original Sin. Most of this quest is fairly straightforward, but at the later stages you may encounter two hard to spot objects you will need to progress further. Once you reach Mangoth in the underground Immaculates temple, you will first need to open a trap door next to the altar where Mangoth disappears from. To open the door, use the lever displayed on the screenshot above. Next step is to take a path in front of the altar that…

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Path of Exile Which Gems Should You Pick Up

Path of Exile combat

With the recent influx of new players I see this question asked multiple times in chat channels, including my guild chat. There’s a ton of different gems and understanding their value when you’re just beginning with the game can be confusing for newbies. This post will provide you with some basic rules about (non-quality) gems and their value in Standard league so the next time you’re offered a choice after finishing a quest you’ll know exactly what to take. High(er) value gems Most gems in Path of Exile can be…

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Beginners Guide to Darkfall Online

Darkfall Guide

Darkfall is the most revolutionary MMORPG to be released in a long time. It has no levels or tiers, instances or any other restrictions. Combat is FPS style based, where you have to aim your attacks, whether they are by sword, bow or spell. You can fight with your clan against other clans and literally take their cities, with the help of siege weapons and warhulks. You can also fight on both land and sea; yes, there are ships and you can be a pirate. You can ride and fight…

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Path of Exile Quests & Rewards Guide

PoE Ranger

Quests in Path of Exile are very simplistic, as we are already accustomed to from similar online game. This article will give you an overview of quest objectives just in case you missed something in game. It’s always best to finish all possible quests within an act, as some give out rewards you don’t want to miss out on, such as skill gems, respec points or even permanent stat bonuses and passive skill points. Some missions can also be completed in more than one way and may have different rewards,…

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SWTOR Jedi Consular Beginners Guide

Jedi Consular Beginners Guide

You’ve chosen an exalted path—the Jedi Consular class. This is a great class to play in The Old Republic if you love Force powers, or if you are having a tough time deciding what role you want to play on a team—melee (or ‘tanking’), damage-dealing at range, or even some healing. This class can do all three, and you’ll get a chance to try the different skills out on Tython, your origin planet. Once you’ve loaded the game and chosen your server, the first thing you’ll see is your character…

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SWTOR Free Beginners Leveling Guide

SWTOR Bounty Hunter - Mercenary

In Star Wars: The Old Republic there are several main types of quests and missions, and several methods for leveling your characters. It’s not entirely different from most other MMORPGs but there are some stuff that beginner players might want to know about, so hopefully you’ll find this short, basic and free SWTOR leveling guide helpful. The current level cap is 50, and official information claims you need about 200 hours of play time in order to reach it. It’s a significant time investment so it’s no wonder everyone wants…

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Beginners Guide to SWTOR’s Leveling & Quests

It is very important every time you are playing Star Wars The Old Republic to know that you deserve high credits which are the currency of the game. You will need the guides so that you will be able to know the way to go about everything that is entailed in the game. There are several guides for SWTOR which you need to take your time to earn about. There are also the general ones which are applied in the entire game. You need to know the concepts of the…

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