SWTOR Jedi Consular Beginners Guide

Jedi Consular Beginners Guide

You’ve chosen an exalted path—the Jedi Consular class. This is a great class to play in The Old Republic if you love Force powers, or if you are having a tough time deciding what role you want to play on a team—melee (or ‘tanking’), damage-dealing at range, or even some healing. This class can do all three, and you’ll get a chance to try the different skills out on Tython, your origin planet. Once you’ve loaded the game and chosen your server, the first thing you’ll see is your character…

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Star Trek Online Exploration Mission Guide

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Exploration in STO is done through the star clusters: Delta Volanis, Arucanis Arm, Hromi Cluster, Khazan Cluster, Eridan Belt, Rolor Nebula, Betreka Nebula, Zenas Expance and B’tran Cluster; and by doing the exploration quests through various NPC’s, you will gain badges of exploration which you will in turn be able to trade in for gear at Earth Spacedock in the Serius Sector. This guide will list for you the NPC’s you can get the various Exploration quests from, in what sector and block you can find each exploration cluster, as…

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