Path of Exile Which Gems Should You Pick Up

Path of Exile combat

With the recent influx of new players I see this question asked multiple times in chat channels, including my guild chat. There’s a ton of different gems and understanding their value when you’re just beginning with the game can be confusing for newbies. This post will provide you with some basic rules about (non-quality) gems and their value in Standard league so the next time you’re offered a choice after finishing a quest you’ll know exactly what to take. High(er) value gems Most gems in Path of Exile can be…

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Things I Hate About Path of Exile

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I’ve been playing Path of Exile for over 6 months now and I’ve enjoyed it quite a lot. After awhile though you start noticing various problems with any game and PoE is no different, despite still being in beta. There are some game aspects that are just frustrating or confusing and lately it’s been infuriating me on occasion. Here’s my top list of issues I have with this game. 1. Trading For a game based so much on loot making trading with other players so inconvenient is a mysterious move…

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Comprehensive Player Review of ArcheAge

ArcheAge fire wood

Despite ArcheAge being accessible for some time now there’s still a lot of information about the game that’s difficult to find online. A player named KeksX wrote the most in-depth ArcheAge review you’ll ever get to read so if you’re interested in learning more about the game I highly suggest you read it. It contains very detailed information on pretty much everything you want to know about ArcheAge: world, combat, classes, leveling, ships/vehicles/mounts, PvP/factions/sieges, crafting, housing, trading, piracy, economy, PvE content, gliding, exploration, user interface and addons, and graphics. The…

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Understanding the Value of Currency

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Even though the currency system in Path of Exile is brilliantly done it can be quite confusing for new players. The game doesn’t follow the traditional “gold” system, instead players are encouraged and required to trade one currency for another with either vendors or other players depending on their needs. Certain currency items are more or less difficult to obtain thus the different values and trading ratios are very important to understand. Once you remember all the ratios and start trading with other players it’s almost like a minigame within…

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