Infiltrating the Immaculates – Shrine Lever & Temple Switches

Immaculates Temple lever location

Infiltrating the Immaculates is part of the main storyline in Divinity: Original Sin. Most of this quest is fairly straightforward, but at the later stages you may encounter two hard to spot objects you will need to progress further. Once you reach Mangoth in the underground Immaculates temple, you will first need to open a trap door next to the altar where Mangoth disappears from. To open the door, use the lever displayed on the screenshot above. Next step is to take a path in front of the altar that…

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How to Open Black Gate in Black Cove

Black Ominous Gate

To open the Ominous Black Gate inside the Black Cove, you need to do a couple of things which may not be too obvious on your first playthrough. First, you need to find a hidden switch behind a painting on a wall. The painting says “Painting of a Woman” when hovered over with your mouse. The switch is very difficult to see from most angles. To use the switch more easily, try holding “V” and rotating your camera as shown on the screenshot below: The switch should be in the…

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