ArcheAge Closed Beta Starts on July 17th

ArcheAge Closed Beta

All ArcheAge players who were anxiously waiting for the closed beta to start can finally mark their calendars and clear their schedules. Game Founders and invited beta testers can jump in and experience ArcheAge’s sandbox world less than a week from now! Next weekend of closed beta will begin on Thursday, July 17th at 1:00pm and will last until 1:00 PM on Monday 21st. If you obtained access to closed beta testing yourself you will be able to jump into this exciting game and finally experience pirating, crafting, questing, PvP…

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Imperial Agent Character Progression

The wait is over. Bioware finally revealed one of the last remaining class progression videos, of course for our beloved Imperial Agent class. The trailer features both Operative and Sniper advanced classes, showcases some of their armors and abilities, and of course the cover system. You can read the official video description and watch it below! Through cunning, stealth, and ruthless tactics, the Imperial Agent has no shortage of ways to complete his objectives. Even so, as the complexity and importance of his missions increase, the Agent will have to…

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SWTOR Smuggler Progression Trailer

Smuggler class progression

There’s a couple more classes that still don’t have their official progression trailer published, and until today Smugglers were one of them. Finally we have our own trailer and oh boy it was worth the wait. I’ve seen all progression trailers for other classes and none of them are nearly as witty, funny and entertaining as this one. It features numerous references to Han Solo and Harrison Ford as well — see if you can catch them all. It also shows your companion Bowdaar, as well as some abilities such…

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XL Games Released a New ArcheAge Trailer

ArcheAge CB3 Trailer Screenshot

ArcheAge, a game that has been in development since 2006 has finally started to receive some attention and publicity. XL Games just released a new teaser trailer you can watch below — the full trailer will be released soon. Watching these trailers sure gets blood pumping in anticipation for this exciting game. Closed beta 3 is about to start, meaning we’ll probably see this title come out later this year. Fingers crossed!

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