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Guild Wars 2 is the sequel to the award-winning MMORPG game Guild Wars with millions of players. The original game was released in a short timeframe as World of Warcraft and has millions of players, even though it never was as popular as its biggest competitor. The game is PvP focused and received several expansions to date which further improved the game.

Guild Wars 2 (GW2) is set to be the next big MMORPG game, and judging by how popular the original title is GW2 will surely be just as good. If any game can get a sizable market share along with WoW it’s undoubtedly GW2, so this is certainly one title you don’t want to miss playing!

So far I’ve only found one GW2 guide worth mentioning, and it’s quite good in fact. You can read my review below!

Download1. Killerguides Guild Wars 2 Leveling Guide

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Killerguides Guild Wars 2 Leveling GuideAmong dozens of guides published by Killerguides their Guild Wars 2 leveling guide is certainly not an exception in terms of quality or detail. Their leveling guide has been extensively tested and the leveling methods are proven to work for both beginner and veteran players. This guide reveals the top level strategies that will surely get any profession to level cap within a week, without having to dedicate hours upon hours each day just for your character’s progression through levels.

Also, the quests walkthrough in Killerguides GW2 Leveling Guide and the included waypoints will make sure you never waste a second more than you have to when doing a quest. The provided maps and optimized leveling paths will ensure you can finish the quests as fast as possible and maximize your experience gain.

This guide however doesn’t stop on leveling. It will also show you how to equip your character with the best gear you can find, further enabling you to kill enemies as quickly as possible and speeding the process of leveling even further. It can sometimes be a challenge to figure out which weapon, weapon set or armor is best for your damage output, and this guide will definitely simplify your process by explaining the numbers and mechanics behind it.

Furthermore Killerguides included a guide on player titles and achievements in this strategy guide, which will help those players who want to have it all. Also included is a really good gold making guide which will help you find the most efficient gold farming locations and methods. An extremely useful chapter for all players regardless of experience.

And we’re still not done: this guide also includes skill builds and combinations that will help you find the perfect balance in your skills and equipment to maximize your DPS. This is great for anyone just starting with the game and will help you immensely, and save possibly hours of research you’d normally have to do on various Guild Wars 2 fansites. Lastly this guide includes a complete PvP guide with the top strategies and tactics that will ensure you always come out of a battle alive. This will help you pick up GW2 Player versus Player combat much quicker than 99% of other players by giving you proven tips and secrets that experienced players are reluctant to share.

Overall I honestly recommend you to give Killerguides GW2 Leveling Guide a shot. It’s a great overall guide for the game and it not only includes an excellent leveling walkthrough but also resources for nearly every other part of the game.

Download: Killerguides Guild Wars 2 Leveling Guide

Have you found any other Guild Wars 2 leveling guides I should know about? Let me know in the comments below.

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