Mortal Online Leveling Guide

Mortal Online is giving a lot of players a lot of trouble. The game is not as hyped as most new MMORPGs are and there’s not a whole lot of information you can find about it that would help put you ahead of the learning curve. Getting a detailed strategy/leveling guide for Mortal Online (MO) is definitely not a bad idea so check below to see what I recommend.

1. Killerguides Mortal Online Leveling Guide

Yet another leveling guide published by Killerguides and again one that has much more info than just about leveling. It includes a quest guide which will help you quickly catch up with other players, but its biggest strength is surely in other chapters: skills guide, equipment guide for both weapons and armor, race and career guides, and professions guide. It also contains a guide on earning Achievement Points, as well as a number of advanced battle strategies to help you defeat your opponents.

Overall Killerguides once again published a quality guide for a new MMO game, and while I wouldn’t mind reading a few more chapters so far it’s really good nevertheless. Additionally, this is currently the only Mortal Online guide and it beats any info you can find about the game anywhere else, so give it a shot.


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