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TERA – The Exiled Realm of Arborea, is in many ways similar to Aion. It also comes from Korea (although from a different developer), and the graphics undoubtedly remind of Aion. However, TERA is supposed to fix all things where Aion failed and like most new massively multiplayer games it’s supposed to be the next best thing. From what I’ve seen so far, it’s doing a great job. The fast-paced action combat, great selection of classes and interesting content seems to be working in Tera’s favor.

You’ll rarely find an MMORPG that players don’t need leveling guides, and Tera Online is no different. There’s about 6 different Tera leveling guides available for now but I only included the top few in the list below. I tried to make the reviews as unbiased as possible so hopefully they’ll make your choice on which guide to get easier.

Download1. Veliks Tera Mastery Guide

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Veliks TERA Mastery Guide coverVeliks Tera Guide is currently my favorite guide. It includes a complete leveling guide 1-60, with all quests covered and is the best leveling walkthrough you’ll find. The leveling guide will tell you exactly where to go to maximize your experience gain, and make sure you never run out of quests and have to resort to grinding for XP. The leveling guide is amazing also because it includes tons of maps which include locations of quests and questing hubs, NPCs, monsters, elites, rare mobs, underground areas, dungeons and PvP locations, and waypoints telling you exactly how to get there fastest.

There’s quite a few other chapters in Veliks guide as well. First is the classes guide, which will explain to you all the little-known secrets of each playable class, as well as explain their mechanics, abilities, chain skills, combat styles, builds, best equipment, attributes and more. Overall it the most complete and comprehensive Tera class resource you can find right now.

A PvP guide is included as well, explaining the intricacies of this aspect of the game that you really should know about before you try and fight other players. This guide shows you how to beat every single class, it explains their strengths and weaknesses and tells you how to gain an advantage in fights. This guide will also tell you how to consistently top the kill charts and dominate in battlegrounds as well.

Veliks guide also tells you all about the PvE aspect of Tera. All instances have detailed walkthroughs that will show you tactics for every boss, ensuring you clear them as quickly as possible. Most importantly though, this is the only resource I’ve found so far that includes endgame raids as well. You’ll know exactly where to get the best gear for your character, easily find groups for these raids without having to be in a guild, and of course it’ll also show you the strategies for every single boss so you’ll know the tactics beforehand. As for items, a pretty useful guide in Veliks will show you which stats and attributes you should aim for.

Overall Veliks TERA guide is the best resource you can currently get for this game. It’s constantly updated with new stuff as well which are free to download, so you can be safe knowing all the strategies inside are up to date. If you’re looking for an amazing guide to help you with anything in TERA Online, look no further than Velik’s guide.

Download: Velik’s Tera Mastery Guide

Download2. Killerguides Tera Leveling Guide

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Killerguides Tera Leveling GuideKillerguides published ten different TERA guides: 8 of them for classes, one for gold making and one leveling guide. I’ve found their guides also quite useful, even though the strategy guide isn’t as detailed on classes and gold making as their specialized guides are. And that’s the biggest downside to Killerguides as well.

Killerguides TERA Leveling Guide includes the following: a powerleveling guide including the shortest leveling path supposed to take you to level 60 within a week, quest walkthroughs that recommendations on those who yield the most experience and best items, working gold-making strategies, an overview of weapons, armor and consumables by level, PvP strategies and tactics, glyph recommendations and best setups, and detailed crafting and enchanting guide to help you get the most out of professions.

For more detailed information on classes you’ll have to get one of their class guides, which I do recommend as they go into a lot of detail and will help you understand your class’ mechanics, tactics and other little-known things.

Download: Killerguides Tera Leveling Guide

More guides will be reviewed shortly! You’re also welcome to tell me about TERA guides in the comments below, as I might have even missed some.


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