SWTOR Bounty Hunter Class Overview

SWTOR Bounty HunterBounty Hunters employ a wide range of tactics, utilizing technology, weaponry, explosives, brute force and old fashioned hunting skills to track down illusive prey and tip the odds in a bounty hunters favor. Generally outnumbered, but rarely outgunned, a Bounty Hunter is usually proficient in many forms of combat and weaponry, augmenting a regular trooper-worthy plethora of weapons with others such as wrist mounted flame-throwers and rockets. Most are bedecked in custom designed battle suits which can range from mobile light and medium armor, to the heavy armor suits preferred by Mandalorian warriors.

Jetpacks are also a common mainstay of a Bounty Hunters equipment due to its ability to get them into places generally inaccessible and out of the thick of fighting. Some Bounty Hunters also prefer the aerial combat option given to them by their jetpack.

The Bounty Hunter provides another unique mechanic in play style due to the need to “vent heat” thereby replenishing your action bar immediately should you become “overheated” in combat. While their action points do regenerate, this buildup, if not managed, can effectively shut down combat abilities in or out of combat.

The counterpart to the Bounty Hunter class is the Trooper. Bounty Hunters’ starting planet is Hutta, and the available species are Human and Rattataki. Available companions are Blizz. Mako, Skadge and 2V-R8. The two advanced classes are Powertech (tanks) and Mercenary (ranged DPS or healing). You can read more about the specializations in the advanced classes article.

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