Slicing After Nerfs – Is It Still Worth It?

Anyone who picked up Slicing as their choice of crew skills, and many others who didn’t probably already know the credit income has been significantly reduced in the last The Old Republic patch. However, from what most players report the numbers are still high enough and this crew skills is still very profitable:

Current Stats:

  • Missions: 126
  • Total Mission Time: 42.6 Hours
  • Overall Profit per Mission Minute: 23.76

Top Five Missions in order of ROI:

  • Taking Back Control (37/min) (Rich Class 5, 27 samples)
  • The Fly on the Wall (35/min) (Rich Class 5, 20 samples)
  • Be Careful What You Read (19/min) (Bountiful Class 4, 12 samples)
  • Droid Madness (20/min) (Abundant Class 3, 6 samples)
  • Take The Money and Run (19/min) (Moderate Class 3, 4 samples)

I’d say these stats you see above tell a simple story: Slicing is still good for making credits. Read up a few of our tips on maximizing slicing income and you likely won’t be disappointed with your credits gain. In case you need to learn how to earn credits in SWTOR with other means, give a shot at Killerguides, it’s worth it.

In short, if you want to make credits slicing is still very good. At least for the time being.

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