How To Maximize Slicing Income

SWTOR Slicing Missions
SWTOR Slicing Missions

For many of you who picked up slicing as your choice of crew skill, you did the right thing!

You’re probably on your way to your first million credits, or perhaps even better, but the following short guide will explain to you how you can maximize the credits gain from Slicing, just in case you’re still short on cash.

If you have any of your own useful tips or secrets be sure to add them in the comments section below!

1. Try not to queue anything less than a Bountiful Yield mission.

Even Bountiful Yield missions 2 or more tiers below your current one have higher yields than moderate/abundant ones at your current slicing level. The mission Yields go Wealthy (discovery purple) > Prosperous (discovery blue) > Rich > Bountiful > Abundant > Moderate. Mission Discoveries for slicing don’t seem to pay off, so avoid unless you want augments.

If you don’t have a Bountiful or Rich Yield Mission available, queue a lower class mission.

2. Try to stagger companion return so you have time to select a Bountiful/Rich mission.

Missions seem to be shuffled upon companions completing a mission or you completing any other mission (more investigation needed here). If you have to, queue a Class 1 mission to shuffle up your mission selection.

3. While leveling, orange colored missions have a chance of failure. Grey missions provide no skill ups.

Class 6 missions are either broken, or don’t work because of my skill level. I’ll be leveling another alt and collecting detailed data on the level up process soon.

You can view the exact numbers in this spreadsheet. Hopefully it helps!

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