SWTOR: Level Up Companion Skills on Your Smartphone

What good is your smartphone if you don’t level up in online games, right? For players of Star Wars: The Old Republic, leveling up skills on their companions can be an annoying task. It doesn’t take much effort, but it does take time, so being able to do it from literally anywhere is definitely a significant advantage. We’re always talking about how you can gain an advantage over other players by using strategy and leveling guides, but this is something entirely different, and it works perfectly.

Best part: it’s completely free! (except for the internet bandwidth)

First things first though: you’ll need an Android-powered device for this to work. This works on iPhone and iPad as well, but for the purposes of this short guide we’ll stick to Android. You’ll find detailed steps of exactly what you need to do to “play” SWTOR on your mobile device below:

1. Get TeamViewer

TeamViewer is a piece of software which you need to install on your PC. You can download it on the link provided, and surprisingly the application is entirely free of charge. You will need to create an account on the same website (again, free), and make sure to remember all the details. Additionally, make sure you create the account on the PC you’re using to play SWTOR.

If you need help setting anything up, I suggest you refer to the instructions on the official TeamViewer website. The application is fairly straightforward and you’ll likely figure it out pretty quickly.

2. Get TeamViewer for Android

Go to the Android App Market and download the TeamViewer Android app. When it’s installed on your table or mobile phone, run it and log in with the details from step #1. You can also download the TeamViewer for Android as well as iPhone and iPad on the official website (click the “Mobile” tab).

3.  Connect to your PC

That should be it! If you set up everything correctly, you should be able to see your PC’s desktop on your mobile phone. It isn’t the prettiest sight ever, but it’s more than enough for what we need.

Below is a screenshot of how The Old Republic should look on your device:

Just enough to bring up the companion menu (hotkey “N”) and send them to do missions. You can use the little keyboard icon to bring it up.

A couple of extra notes. This consumes fairly high amounts of bandwidth, so consider yourself warned. If possible, try to use a Wi-fi connection. Additionally, you will need to move around or just hit the “Space” key every now and then to prevent logging out for being AFK.

Do note that you won’t really be able to do much else in SWTOR, but if you want to grind some credits while at work this will be perfect for you!

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    TeamViewer is the best app and is the leader in remote support industry in addition to players like Logmein, RHUB, Bomgar, GoToMyPC etc. I was using it for remote support and now will use it for SWTOR as well.

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