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Star Wars: The Old Republic is one of the most anticipated MMO games in long time. Not only does it have a great story (and highly popular movies) but also an engaging gameplay, and from everything we know this is an amazingly good MMORPG game, and one that will surely have millions of subscribers for years to come. That’s why getting an early advantage over other players is crucial, and some of the guides below will enable you to do just that!

At the moment there aren’t too many guides published for SWTOR, but I’m confident it’ll change within days. There are four different strategy and leveling guides I’ve been able to find so far, and you can read my opinions on them below. I know of two more Star Wars guides that will get released in the next few days, at which point I’ll update my post with new reviews and comparisons.


  1. Aeon SWTOR Mastery Guide
  2. Killerguides SWTOR Strategy Guide
  3. SWTOR Secrets Guide
  4. SWTOR Savior Guide

1. Aeon SWTOR Mastery Guide

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Aeon SWTOR Mastery Guide is currently the most complete and up to date guide I’ve come across. This complete game strategy guide was written by professional players who really know what they’re talking about, and they made quite an effort to compile all their extensive knowledge of The Old Republic into one detailed and easy to read strategy guide.

Aeon Guide includes a leveling guide of course. It doesn’t yet have step-by-step instructions and detailed walkthroughs of every single quest in the game, but it’ll likely get added soon. Rather, for now it has a number of different class strategies and skill tree builds that are designed to make leveling as easy as possible for players. In fact, I’ve found those and similar builds to be quite effective as well during my experiences with the game, so I can vouch for it’s. If you’re unsure on how to build your character for leveling, this will most certainly help.

Of course, both factions and all classes and advanced classes are covered in this guide. Aeon also includes very thought-out PvE and PvP builds as well, designed to help you dish out the most damage in Warzones or Flashpoints. The gear and itemization guide inside will also help you understand which attributes you should go after for a particular class, and you wouldn’t believe how many players make the same mistakes over and over again. Don’t be one of them! Aeon’s SWTOR Strategy Guide also includes helpful tutorials on tanking and healing, making sure you know the right skill rotations and maximize your effectiveness. Additionally, some content is accompanied with helpful screenshots and videos, which not all guides have.

Overall, Aeon SWTOR Guide is currently the best guide you can get. Tons of content and all of it very helpful will ensure you know what you’re doing in SW: TOR and will help you get ahead of other players.

Download Aeon SWTOR Mastery Guide Here Aeon Guide has been taken down, I recommend Killerguides below!

2. Killerguides SWTOR Strategy Guide

Rating: ★★★★¾ 

There’s rarely an MMORPG released without having a Killerguide helping you through it. They have dozens of guides for various games which only solidifies their position as one of the best and most experienced guide writers out there. For Star Wars: TOR they actually published nearly 20 different guides: most are about different classes and advanced classes, with some on credits and crew skills. But most importantly, they have a full strategy guide that of course includes a leveling guide as well.

If you indeed plan on playing SWTOR, having a leveling guide helping you through the process can speed things up significantly. Killerguides leveling guide unfortunately isn’t a step-by-step guide showing you detailed information on every single quest in the game, but rather a collection of highly useful tips, tricks and strategies that will make leveling faster regardless of your class choice.

If you want a class-specific leveling guide, you should take a look at some other guides that Killerguides offer, ones that talk about each class in particular. However, this strategy guide is still very useful and I suggest you pick it up along with a guide for your favorite class. As for other content, it talks about crew skills (professions and crafting), flashpoints (dungeons and instances), PvP combat, space ship tactics, equipment and more. You can find a full list of contents on their website, which I suggest visiting.

Download Killerguides SWTOR Strategy Guide Here

3. SWTOR Secrets Guide

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

SWTOR Secrets is a recently released guide that actually isn’t an all-in-one SWTOR guide, but rather has 8 different guides, one for each class. There’s no single strategy guide that has info on all classes as well as other generic stuff, but you’ll have to pick one and stick with it. SWTOR Secrets can be bought as a bundle though, in which case you get all eight guides for a significant discount, but I’d rather see it offered immediately.

Each class guide in SWTOR Secrets package contains a variety of beginner information and tips. The inevitable leveling guide is included as well, however it doesn’t tell you any specific mission details, but rather a collection of newbie tips which granted are helpful, but not secret. Other than that, there’s info on advanced classes, PvP tactics, skill tree builds, races, farming credits, grouping with other players, equipment, recommended crew skills and companions. Unfortunately that’s it for now.

I’d gladly give SWTOR Secrets guide a better rating, but currently it lacks any detailed information that can’t be found elsewhere. Hopefully the guide will improve in the coming weeks, in which case I’ll be sure to review it again and update this accordingly.

Download SWTOR Secrets Guide Here

4. SWTOR Savior Guide

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

SWTOR Savior does have a few tricks up its sleeve, but it’s not enough to beat other guides. First things first though: it does have a leveling guide. It doesn’t hold your hand with each quest and mission, but it does tell you where to go with some maps and pointers. There’s also several locations included which are known for decent item drops and credit farming, which are usually worth checking out. There’s supposed to be a step-by-step leveling guide included in SWTOR Saviour, but apparently it’s not complete yet.

As for other things, there’s a guide on classes and advanced classes, helping you decide which one is for you depending on your preferences: PvP, PvE, tanking, healing, … Also, a beginners crew skills guide is included, giving you a breakdown of their pros and cons and recommendations on which gathering, crafting and mission skills are best for your class. Also included is a basic PvP guide, as well as information on weapons, armor and commendations.

There’s a couple of bonuses as well. First, a PvP guide including info about Warzones, as well as providing some skill tree builds. Additionally, there’s a guide about the Galactic Trade Network and how to make credits off of it.

Overall, SWTOR Savior Guide is simply not detailed enough right now to compete with other guides for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Nevertheless, if you want to check it out click below.

Download SWTOR Savior Guide Here

More reviews to come!


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