Star Trek Online Leveling Guide

Star Trek Online is one of the most known MMO games. It has years of lore and loyal fans who love the franchise, therefore it’s no wonder the game enjoys such popularity. While gameplay in STO is quite different from what you can find in most other MMORPG games, that’s only one more reason why you should check out some guides. While there are no standard levels or leveling in Star Trek Online, you character obviously progresses through the game in ranks and grades so if you want to speed up the process check out some of the STO guides below!

  1. STO Mastery Guide
  2. Killerguides STO Strategy Guide
  3. KFGuides STO Strategy Guide
  4. Ultimate STO Leveling Guide

Star Trek Online Mastery1. Star Trek Online Mastery Guide

Rating: ★★★★★ 

This guide was just released alongside the official game release and it’s obvious the author put a lot of effort in writing this strategy guide. STO Mastery contains various chapters covering even more than the two guides reviewed below and in more detail. It’s 100% complete and the author even promises to deliver frequent updates as new information is available. While I’d definitely like to see some parts of the guide go in more detail, as I said Star Trek Mastery is by far more detailed than other guides and is undoubtedly my prime choice!

STO Mastery contains guides on skills, professions & classes, leveling, missions, ships, traits and a whole lot more so if you’re confused about any of these and want to learn something new, Mastery Guide will greatly help. Get it!


Killerguides Star Trek Online Strategy Guide2. Killerguides Star Trek Online Strategy Guide

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

This is an all-in-one guide for (almost) every aspect of Star Trek Online. There’s a beginners guide included for choosing races and careers, then the ranking guide and mission walkthroughs (basically, a leveling guide) with which you’ll speed through the ranks much faster than other players. Killerguides STO Strategy Guide also includes a skill tree guide with comprehensive descriptions showing you exactly which ones you need to your new ship. Also included is the skills guide showing you how to allocate all those skill points in order to get the most out of your character. Overall, this strategy guide covers all the main aspects of the game and will help you familiarize yourself with the game, unfortunately not as much as STO Mastery.

For a general strategy guide I 100% recommend you get STO Mastery above, although you can check out some other more specific guides (ships, PvP, …) from Killerguides as once they are complete it might be just a bit more detailed than in Star Trek Online Mastery.


KFGuides Star Trek Online (STO) Strategy & Tips Guide3. KFGuides Star Trek Strategy & Tips Guide

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

If you’re keeping yourself updated on leveling guides you probably heard about KFGuides Aion leveling guide. I rated their Aion guide 2/5 since it wasn’t nearly as good as others and I’m afraid their STO guide isn’t much better either. Truth is, their Star Trek strategy guide is actually a strategy guide, therefore it contains a lot more general game information and not just leveling, which gives it a bit higher rating but still it’s not comparable to Killerguides guide in my opinion, and especially to STOMastery which is totally better.

KFGuides talks pretty much about the same things as other guides but doesn’t go into so much detail, and it’s not even very complete yet: some sections have a lot of missing info and some don’t have any info at all. Overall, I recommend skipping KFGuides Star Trek Strategy Guide entirely and downloading Star Trek Online Mastery which is my ultimate favorite.


Epic MMO Guides Ultimate Star Trek Leveling Guide4. Ultimate Star Trek Leveling Guide

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆ 

Ultimate STO Leveling Guide by Epic MMO Guides (aka Ashling/FTWGuides) is definitely a black sheep. It only contains a leveling guide and absolutely no other information which makes the strategy guides above much better. As for the leveling guide, Ultimate Guide offers two ways to level up: one way recommends repeatedly doing exploration missions which is supposed to get you to Admiral rank in 24 hours, after which your head blows up. The second path is slower but not much better either: the guide simply lists available missions in apparently no particular order and without any details or tips. You’ll undoubtedly know more about quest objectives if you simply read the mission journal as it makes this guide completely useless.

In conclusion, Ultimate STO Leveling Guide is one guide you should definitely skip.


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