Basic Guide for ArcheAge Crafting

ArcheAge Crafting Guide

ArcheAge has a very extensive and immersive crafting system. Being a sandbox game many aspects of ArcheAge are player-driven, including the economy and crafting. With 21 different professions to choose from players have many resources available to them, from crafting equipment, building houses and ships, and even growing plants and trees or taking care of animals. The following ArcheAge crafting guide will give you a basic list of all tradeskills (also called Proficiencies or Crafting Skills) in this game and explain what they’re all about. You can also learn a…

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Slicing After Nerfs – Is It Still Worth It?

Anyone who picked up Slicing as their choice of crew skills, and many others who didn’t probably already know the credit income has been significantly reduced in the last The Old Republic patch. However, from what most players report the numbers are still high enough and this crew skills is still very profitable: Current Stats: Missions: 126 Total Mission Time: 42.6 Hours Overall Profit per Mission Minute: 23.76 Top Five Missions in order of ROI: Taking Back Control (37/min) (Rich Class 5, 27 samples) The Fly on the Wall (35/min)…

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How To Maximize Slicing Income

SWTOR Slicing Missions

For many of you who picked up slicing as your choice of crew skill, you did the right thing! You’re probably on your way to your first million credits, or perhaps even better, but the following short guide will explain to you how you can maximize the credits gain from Slicing, just in case you’re still short on cash. If you have any of your own useful tips or secrets be sure to add them in the comments section below! 1. Try not to queue anything less than a Bountiful…

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Which Crew Skills Are Most Profitable?

SWTOR Crew Skills

Pretty much every SWTOR player I talked to is very excited by crew skills. More than often professions are just a needless grind in other games, but BioWare seems to have struck gold here and actually managed to make them fun. Everyone’s going to be picking up their favorite crew skills, and while some are recommended for particular classes, a lot of times players simply want to pick up the most profitable ones. So, if you’re interested in making credits rather than equipping your character with the best equipment, or…

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Rift Professions Guide

Rift master forager

In Rift: Planes of Telara, a game I’ve been recently playing there are 9 different professions your characters can learn. They are divided into two main groups: gathering and crafting. This guide will explain to you the basic difference in various professions and give you recommendations on which ones are best suited for what callings. Contents: Gathering Professions Crafting Professions Choosing Professions Additional Resources Gathering Professions There’s a total of three gathering professions in Rift, and they are butchering, foraging and mining. Butchering collects hides and leather from various monsters,…

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WoW: 4.0.3a Feral Druid PvP Guide

World of Warcraft Logo

In the newest World of Warcraft patch, if you were playing feral already, it’s still pretty much the same – except easier. The things written here are based on arena, but work in most other scenarios here as well. If you’re an experienced feral already, this guide will probably not help you, but I would like you to read it because more input is always great. This feral druid PvP guide, written by Natz from Hellfire-EU will surely help you get familiarized with the class in the 9th arena season.…

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