SWTOR Bounty Hunter Advanced Classes

Bounty Hunters can choose from one of the two following advanced classes: Powertech and Mercenary. Mercenary class is focused on ranged damage dealing, dual wielding and use of the wrist-mounted Rocket Launcher; they can also be healers. Powertechs on the other hand are tanks who focus on Gadgets, Energy Shields, and the Flamethrower.


SWTOR Bounty Hunter - PowertechPowertechs rely heavily on defense and advanced technology. They are able to use high-powered flame throwers to incinerate their enemies, whilst taking in tons of damage; this would make them the perfect tank in a team.

A Powertech wears heavy plating like a second skin and never balks at taking on the newest prototype technology if it means greater protection and upgraded safeguards. The best in armor shielding, smart defensive tactics and high-powered flamethrowers combine to make the Powertech an impenetrable one-man blockade, from which few enemies escape unscathed.

Primary Focus:

  • Flamethrower
  • Defense / Energy Shields
  • Tank

Skill Trees

The two Powertech skill trees are Shield Tech and Advanced Prototype. The shared Powertech and Mercenary skill tree is Firebug.

  • Shield Tech – Further boosts the Powertech’s defensive technology, allowing him to soak up attacks.
  • Advanced Prototype – The latest technology makes the Powertech a versatile fighter against any enemy.
  • Firebug – The Firebug concentrates on burning their opponents with missiles and technology.

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SWTOR Bounty Hunter - MercenaryMercenaries rely on taking down enemies from afar in a quick and efficient manner. Mercenaries are able to use rockets and missiles to heavily damage their enemies from great distances. Along with this, Mercenaries have the unique ability to heal their teammates.

If the best defense is a good offense, the Mercenary’s got the most intimidating defense in the galaxy. Heavily-modded blasters and deadly heat-seeking missiles make the Mercenary a mobile heavy weapons platform. There’s no problem extra firepower can’t solve, and no one who knows what he’s doing gets between a Mercenary and his target.

Primary Focus:

  • Dual Wield Guns
  • Missiles
  • Ranged DPS
  • Healer

Skill Trees

The two Mercenary skill trees are Arsenal and Bodyguard. The shared Mercenary and Powertech skill tree is Firebug.

  • Arsenal – Uses advanced rocketry and specializes in taking down their targets quickly.
  • Bodyguard – Gives the Bounty Hunter skills and technology to heal and restore his allies.
  • Firebug – Upgrades the Bounty Hunter’s weapons to deal more damage his enemies.

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