SWTOR Jedi Consular Class Basics

Jedi Consular classThe Jedi Consular is the negotiator for the Republic. Similar to Yoda, the Consular would rather use intelligence and knowledge to get their needed results rather than a lightsaber. However, Jedi Consulars are very capable combatants as well. Along with Jedi Knight, Jedi Consulars are one of the two Republic aligned Force users and four possible Republic classes. Both Jedi classes start the game on Tython. The Consulars are trained more heavily in the arts of the Force than in combat, but are still outstanding warriors. They are trained to use single or double-bladed Lightsabers, depending on their specialization. Driven by curiosity and the search for knowledge, they see that through the Force, all things are connected.

Jedi Consular provide a myriad of roles including DPS, Crowd Control, Healing, and even Tanking. They not only have offensive abilities, but defensive abilities as well. They can be a utility class or fill a main role in a party. Like the Jedi Knight, they command a Corellian Defender-Class Light Corvette.

Playable species for the Jedi Consular class are Human, Miraluka, Mirilian, and Twi’lek. The advanced classes are Jedi Sage (ranged damage and crowd control or healing) and Jedi Shadow (tanking or melee burst DPS). The latter use two lightsabers, while the Sage uses one.

Leveling, advanced classes, quest guides, spell rotations, combat, talent trees, mechanics and more… You can find it all in this guide specifically written for Jedi Consular players!

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