Jedi Consular Advanced Classes/Specializations Guide

Jedi Consular, much like other SWTOR classes have access to two specializations/advanced classes which you can choose at level 10:

  • Jedi Sage wields a single-bladed lightsaber, has powerful telekinetics/healing and is a ranged controller with damage or healing powers.
  • Jedi Shadow wields double-bladed lightsabers, and possess stealth and burst melee damage abilities. They can also tank.

Jedi Sage

Jedi SageThe Jedi Sage’s abilities will focus on healing and removing negative effects on allies. They will also have a powerful range of force powers to attack enemies at range.

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Skill Trees

The two Sage skill trees are Telekinetics and Seer. The shared Sage and Shadow tree is Balance.

  • Telekinetics – Affords the power to distort reality and move waves of energy, tearing apart enemies. In RPG terms, this is a Ranged DPS skill tree. The skills in this tree focus on improving the existing force abilities and conserving force points.
  • Seer – Allows the Sage to master the art of the force to heal and protect allies.
  • Balance – Enhances the Sage’s force attacks and augments the Shadow’s force and lightsaber abilities.

AbilitiesEdit Abilities section

Below is a full list of the abilities that a Jedi Sage can learn. Remember that you also have access to Jedi Consular abilities as well.

Name Description
Force Studies Versed in the Force, your maximum Force is increased by 400. In addition, your Presence increases at the rate at which your Force regenerates.
Force Reach Increases the range of Project and Telekinetic Throw by 15m.
Disturbance Fires a blast of telekinetic energy at the target dealing moderate kinetic damage.
Rejuvenate Heal the target for a moderate amount over 12s.
Force Armor Surrounds the caster in a Force shield that lasts 30s and absorbs a high amount of damage. Affected targets become Force-imbalanced and cannot benefit from Force Armor again for 20s.
Weaken Mind Weakens the target’s mind, dealing high internal damage over 15s.
Restoration Cleanses a friendly target of up to 2 hostile mental or Force effects.
Deliverance Heals a friendly target for a high amount of health.
Rescue Greatly lowers the target’s threat and if the target is a party member, pulls the target to your location.
Force Push Pushes the target back several meters with the Force and deals moderate kinetic damage. Standard and weak enemies are additionally knocked prone for 3s.
Revitalize Revives an incapacitated ally. This ability is usable while in combat.
Resilience Increases your chance to resist Force and Tech attacks by 100% for 4s.
Force Quake Channel the Force into the ground at the target location, causing it to quake and tremble. All enemies within 8m of the target location are struck for moderate kinetic damage every second for 6s. Each second, the Force Quake has a 33% chance to knock its targets down. No single target can be knocked down more than once from a single Force Quake.

Jedi Shadow

Jedi ShadowThe Jedi Shadow’s abilities will focus on dealing burst damage and stealth attacking enemies. Jedi Shadow can also tank using force powers and lightsaber defense.

Skill Trees

  • Infiltration – Masters of stealth, these Shadows use positional attacks and surprise to defeat foes. In RPG terms this tree is a melee DPS tree.
  • Kinetic Combat – Uses the double-bladed Lightsaber defensively to protect the Shadow and his allies. In RPG terms, this tree would be a tank.
  • Balance – Augments the Shadow’s Force and Lightsaber abilities from both classes as it’s the shared skill tree.


Below is the known list of the abilities that a Jedi Shadow can learn. Don’t forget that you also have all these Jedi Consular abilities at your disposal as well.

Name Description
Weapon Proficieny: Double Bladed Lightsaber Ability to equip double bladed lightsabers.
Martial Studies Increases the rate at which your Force regenerates by 3 per second.
Combat Trance The Jedi Shadow can occasionally enter a combat trance which unrestricts the use of powerful finishing moves. Your Shadow Strike has 100% chance to grant Combat Trance with each use, which lasts for 20s and is consumed by your next finishing move.
Shadow Stamina Increase your total endurance by 24 per rank.
Stealth Enter stealth mode, making your movements difficult to detect but slowing movement speed to 85% of normal. Most hostile actions prematurely end the effect. Cannot be used in combat.
Run Through Finishing Move: Runs the target through, dealing 250% weapon damage plus moderate damage. Shares a cooldown with other finishing moves. Requires a double-bladed lightsaber.
Shadow Strike Deals 150% weapon damage plus a moderate amount to a single target. Only usable from behind the target. Requires a double bladed lightsaber.
Double Strike Strikes the target twice. Each hit deals 100% weapon damage plus a low amount. Requires a double bladed lightsaber.
Deflection Increases your range and melee defense by 50% for 15s. Requires a melee weapon.
Mind Maze Confuses the target, leaving it bewildered and unable to act for 60s. Damage will break the effect prematurely. This ability is only usable in Stealth mode and cannot be used against a target in combat. Only one target can be incapacitated at any given time.
Mind Snap Traps the target’s current action and prevents that ability from being used for 4s.
Hemorrhage Finishing move. Deals 100% weapon damage and causes the target to bleed dealing high internal damage over 18s. Shares a cooldown with other finishing moves.
Force Slow Slows the target’s movement speed by 500% for 9s.
Low Slash Slashes the target low, dealing 75% weapon damage and incapacitating it for 3s. Damage will end the effect prematurely. Requires double bladed lightsaber.
Hidden Strike Strike from the shadows, dealing 100% weapon damage and stunning the target for 3s. Requires double bladed lightsaber.

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