SWTOR Smuggler Abilities

Smuggler Abilities

Below you’ll find some starting abilities and those that can be trained later on for the Smuggler class.

Starting Abilities



Flurry of Bolts

A flurry of bolts shot from your blaster.

Take Cover

Evasion increase against targets in your cone of cover while taking cover.


Fire three powerful blasts at your target.

Flash Grenade

Lob a flash grenade that blinds your target and all nearby targets (within 5m) for 8 seconds. Blindness ends prematurely if an affected target is damaged. Affects a maximum of 6 targets.


Catch your breath, recovering your Health and Energy over 15 seconds. This is only usable out of combat.

Trainable Abilities




Spray a wave of bolts towards the target and those nearby dealing heavy damage over 2.5 seconds. Affects a maximum of 5 targets.

Dirty Kick

Deliver a low blow to the target, dealing light damage and stunning it for 5 seconds. Cannot be used while in cover.


Fires a shot at the target’s head that deals heavy damage. Only works against a vulnerable (blinded/stunned) target.

Underworld Medicine

Heals a friendly target for a moderate amount.


Removes the Smuggler from any stun, fear, or movement impairing effects

Cool Head

Keep your cool and regenerate energy over the next 6 seconds.

Smuggler’s Luck

The smuggler’s critical chance is doubled for 15 seconds.


The Smuggler pretends to surrender, thereby lowering all aggro.

Charm Prvoides an increase in presence to the smuggler and group members for 30 minutes

Covered Escape

Snare close range enemies while diving into cover.


A surprising shot that does moderate damage and prevents all actions for 4 seconds.


Quicken your party’s pace for 15 seconds, increasing movement speed by 50% for all friendly units within 20 meters.

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