SWTOR Imperial Agent Specializations Guide

Imperial Agents have two class specializations or advanced classes: Operative and Sniper. Below you’ll find some details on each one.


Imperial Agent - OperativeOperatives specialize heavily in stealth and concealment, with this they are able to strike at an enemy without the enemy even knowing they were there. Along with stealth, they are able to specialize in medical technologies, allowing them to heal players. An Operative could make an extremely useful teammate to have on the field.

Combining the expertise of multiple disciplines, Operatives adapt to any environment and any circumstance to ensure the Empire’s agenda is achieved. Whether emerging from stealth to ambush and eliminate enemies in close-range combat or using advanced medical technologies to keep colleagues in the fight, the Operative is able to identify the needs of any situation and react accordingly.

Skill Trees

The two Operative skill trees are Concealment and Medic. The shared Operative/Sniper skill tree is Lethality.

  • Concealment – Upgrades stealth and close-ranged attacks, allowing the Agent to strike without detection.
  • Medic – Advances the Agent’s keeping both his allies alive and effective.
  • Lethality – Leverages the toxic power of poisons to debilitate enemies over the course of long fights.

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Imperial Agent - SniperSnipers focus on long range battle tactics, using their powerful and deadly Sniper Rifle to eliminate targets from extremely far distances. Along with the Marksmanship ability, they are also able to use probes and droids to spy on or eliminate targets. These are the recon units of the Empire.

Focused on covert tactics and eliminating sensitive targets, Imperial Snipers are the most elite and professional sharpshooters in the galaxy. After extensive training, the Sniper’s long range blaster rifle becomes a weapon of exacting precision, allowing him to target enemies’ vulnerabilities and strike at the perfect moment to turn the tide of battle.

Skill Trees

The two Sniper skill trees are Marksmanship and Engineering. The shared Sniper/Operative skill tree is Lethality.

  • Marksmanship – Teaches the Sniper to strike down targets from long range and from the safety of cover.
  • Engineering – Empowers the Sniper’s droids and probes to weaken the enemies and give the Empire the advantage.
  • Lethality – Leverages the toxic power of poisons to debilitate enemies over the course of a long fight.

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