SWTOR Imperial Agent Abilities Guide

The Imperial Agents abilities are focused on engaging enemies at range with rifles and a range of throwing weapons. They can also use a cover system to increase their evasion and activate some high power attacks.

Starting Abilities

Name Description
Rifle Shot Fire 2 quick shots, causing medium damage.
Shiv Stab the target with your energy blade for moderate damage and light damage over 3 seconds.
Take Cover Evasion increase against targets in your cone of cover while taking cover.
Recuperate Catch your breath, recovering your Health and Energy over 15 seconds. This is only usable out of combat.
Snipe Rifle shot that deals high damage. Only usable in cover. (Only when in cover)
Laze Target Designates a target, increasing all damage to the target by 80%. Must be in cover to use. Lasts 30 seconds. (Only when in cover)
Weapon Proficiency: Rifle Able to equip blaster rifles.
Weapon Proficiency: Vibroknife Able to equip vibroknives and conventional knives.
Show Cover Shows all nearby cover points.

Trainable Abilities

Name Description
Sleep Dart Fire a sleep toxin dart out of your bracer at the target putting them to sleep for 10 seconds. Does not break stealth.
Toxic Dart Fire a toxic dart out of your bracer at the target causing damage over 5 secs. At the end of the effect, the target takes extra damage.
Explosive Probe Deploy an explosive probe that travels to the primary target. The probe will arm after 3 seconds. Once armed the probe will automatically explode soon after the target takes damage. The explosion causes moderate damage in a 5m radius to up to 5 targets. The effect expires after 20 seconds. The explosive probe can only be used from cover.
Kolto Injection Fire a kolto dart out of your bracer at the friendly target healing them for moderate amount.
Adrenaline Probe Summons a droid that injects the Agent with adrenaline, boosting energy regeneration rate for 4 seconds.
Escape Removes the Agent from any stun, fear or movement impairing effects.
Boost Increases movement speed by 50% for 15 seconds. Does not break stealth.
Flash Bang Detonates a Flash Bang at your current position, blinding all enemies within 5 meters for 8 seconds. Blindness ends prematurely if an affected target is damaged. Affects a maximum of 6 targets.
Orbital Bombardment The Agent calls a strike down from orbiting vessels, knocking down and causing massive damage to all enemies within a 10 meter radius of the target.
Sonic Probe Summons a droid that will silence the target for 6 seconds.
Evasion Increase the Agent’s armor rating by 25% for 30 seconds.
Plasma Probe The Agent uses this probe to do area of effect damage to enemies.

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