SWTOR Imperial Agent Class Basics

SWTOR Imperial Agent ClassThe Imperial Agent is the spy of the Empire. His job is to go behind enemy lines and destroy something that is pivotal to the Republic and eliminate any opposition that gets in the Empire’s way, and then get out before anyone knows what has happened. Imperial Agent has two class specializations: Sniper and Operative.

As an Operative the Imperial Agent uses close range tactics such as a “shiv” ability to eliminate their targets. They also use stealth abilities to hide their presence on the battlefield and position themselves for attack. They are also able to heal their allies utilizing advanced medical technologies making the Agent a vital colleague on the battlefield. Snipers uses long range rifles and cover to eliminate their targets.

Imperial Agents also have the ability to call in Orbital Bombardment strikes: attacks from orbiting satellites that do significant damage in an area of effect. Also to assist them in the field the Imperial Agent has a variety of tools at their disposal to get the job done, the first of which is their X-70B Phantom Class Prototype Starship, and the other is their Rattataki companion.

Like the Smuggler class counterpart, the Imperial Agent can use cover to increase his damage resistance while attacking. Some of the attacks are also only usable when in cover. When the cover is not available Imperial Agent can also deploy an energy shield for additional protection.

Players who choose the Imperial Agent will be able to play them as either Human or Chiss species. Their companions are Kaliyo Djannis and SCORPIO.

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