Jedi Knight Newbie Guide

Torwars recently posted an excellent short guide for SWTOR newbies, featuring our beloved Jedi Knight class of course. For everyone new to the game I’m sure you’ll find it very useful, and these few tips are always good to keep in mind. You can read the entire guide below.

Getting Started

Jedi Knight with Lightsaber

Once you’ve created your personal character and watched your specially-written scrolling text, you’ll arrive in a ship onto Tython grounds. Once you disembark, you have a chance to familiarize yourself with a few of the controls. No doubt you’ll make things your own, as we all have our own way of doing things, but I would suggest going into preferences and having the right quick slot bar open. This allows you to move all your buffs, Medpacs and other none-essential skills off to the side so they’re out of way but still within easy reach. This will stop you clicking on something none-essential during combat, which can get a bit hectic. I would also suggest that you click the little lock button on your taskbar/hotbar, this prevents you from clicking and dragging your abilities away from your taskbar.

When you first begin you’ll have few abilities, so as soon as you level up rush to the skill trainer to acquire some new skills. I would recommend leaving your base attack as slot number one; this is so when you’re running forward you can simply lean your left hand forward and tap one easily, repeatedly, which is required a lot at first to build Focus.

When you first begin you will have three abilities. One is called Strike – this is your base attack. This attack will generate Focus without costing any; so when you first get in, use this attack the most! After that you will have an ability called Slash. This requires three Focus. So hit your opponent with Strike three times then whomp them with Slash! Slash is a more powerful attack but requires Focus, so you’ve got to build the Focus up to use it. Lastly, you will have an ability called Introspection. Introspection is your out of combat heal. After you’ve won your fight (with this guide in hand, how could you not?!) you’ve no doubt taken some damage in the process. So click Introspection and you will begin to meditate, which heals you over a set period of time.


Jedi Knight combat on Tython

It takes a bit of getting used to, but reading this guide will make that bit easier! First off, don’t hit and run. This doesn’t work and requires a lot of effort and costs you more than you’ll ever gain. Find a target, approach them, and start hitting them. Remain stationary. Not only does this give you a greater ability to parry (as you’ll be facing the target), but it also looks cooler. And after all, since you’re a Jedi Knight, you want to look cool! This also frees your hand up: you’re not stuck trying to chase a target; this allows you to use your abilities via the numbers above the keyboard instead of using your mouse.

I would suggest that you become accustomed to using numbers one through five and then using your mouse for the later numbers. Doing so means you can assign your best Focus gaining abilities really close to your fingertips and reserve mouse clicking for buffing, healing or interrupting. Remember, Focus is key to the Jedi Knight. There is no auto-attack, so get used to tapping number one every second or so. But don’t worry, after an hour or two this becomes second nature and you’ll settle into the playstyle.

Talent Trees

Jedi Knight Miraluka

Talent Trees become available once you attain your Advanced Class at level 10. Naturally, the choice of Advanced Class is yours, so pick wisely! The Jedi Guardian is what is known as a tank, they are best for absorbing heavy damage and keeping enemies focused on them instead of your team. The Guardian can also operate as an off-tank. An off-tank is a Guardian that can absorb heavy damage, but also deal it. They aren’t as durable as straight up tanks, but they are more fun to play solo as you can deal damage as well as take it.

The Jedi Sentinel is a DPS class – Damage Per Second. They specialize in draining an enemy of their health points quickly and ferociously. They can’t take the damage the Jedi Guardian can, but they do more damage than the Jedi Guardian. Remember, there are no story differences, so choose your AC based on your personal choice of playstyle!

The primary concern for the Jedi Knight is Strength and Endurance. Endurance essentially means health points and Strength means the amount of damage you can deal out. Both are important for either Advanced Class, but it comes down to your playstyle that determines what you specifically choose to specialize in. Within the Talent Trees there will be three choices for you to make, Defensive, Balanced and Offensive.

Again it is your choice, but if you’re going for a tank, select Defensive. If you’re going for strong DPS, spend your points in the Offensive tree. If you like to hybrid you can mix the two. However, this will mean you will be a jack-of-all-trades, but master of none! When you reach level 50 you will have spare points, so I would suggest that if you go for the Offensive tree spend your points in that and spend the remaining in Defensive to give yourself a little defensive boost. And naturally if you select Defense, drops some points in Offensive so you can dish some of the good stuff out!

But really, with the Talent Trees, it is your choice. You can read up on all the effects the different trees have and make an informed decision from that. Personally, I picked what sounded coolest; because a game is, after all, all about enjoyment!

Leveling, advanced classes, quest guides, spell rotations, combat, talent trees, mechanics and more… You can find it all in this guide specifically written for Jedi Knight players!

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