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Sith Inquisitor guideTorwars is responsible for publishing the following newbies guide aimed at beginner Sith Inquisitor players, which will answer most if not any questions you may have about this class. We do have some of this information on the site already so I provided some links in the post to the relevant content. Anyway, I hope you’ll find this guide as useful as I did!

  1. Introduction
  2. Advanced Classes
  3. Species
  4. Storyline
  5. Abilities
  6. Khem Val (First Companion)
  7. Equipment
  8. Conclusion


If you are thinking about rolling a Sith Inquisitor, but need a little convincing, I’m here to help. Would you like to shoot lightning from your fingers? Interested in wielding a lightsaber? Want to shock people to get your way? No desire to follow a strict moral code like the goody goody Jedi? Well, this Sith Inquisitor is the class for you.

To start, as an Inquisitor, you have each of the MMO trinity roles open to you. Depending on your Advanced Class, you will have the option to tank, heal, or deal crazy levels of purple lightning powered damage.

Advanced Classes

At level 10, your Inquisitor will journey to the Imperial Fleet and will have to choose an Advanced Class. If you want to tank, the Assassin class is for you. If you want to fulfill a support/healing role in groups, the Sorcerer AC is for you. The decision is a little harder if you want to DPS. The Assassin and Sorcerer have one shared tree called Madness that focuses on dealing damage. In addition, each AC has two skill trees that are dedicated to that class. The Assassin has ‘Darkness’ which is the tank tree, and a damage tree called ‘Deception.’ The Sorcerer’s trees are ‘Lightning’ and ‘Corruption’ which are damage and healing trees respectively. If you want fill a DPS role as an Inquisitor, the decision lies in what type of damage you want to deal.

Sith Assassin Skill Tree

If you want to shock your enemies from a distance until they are nothing more than smoking, still sparking husks on the ground before you, go with the Sorcerer. If you prefer your enemy a little closer to you so that you can bash them with a lightsaber, the Assassin, with his stealth abilities, is a deadly choice indeed.

Lightsaber types differ with your Inquisitor Advanced Class as well. You will receive a double-bladed lightsaber if you take the Assassin route and a single-bladed one with the Sorcerer. Truthfully, I wasn’t that excited many months ago to learn my future Assassin had to have a double-bladed lightsaber. I loved having two lightsabers in the original Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Mostly because I could have each one be a different color, and for some reason it felt like I was doing more damage. Two lightsabers equals twice the damage right? I understand why BioWare did this, and after playing my Beta Assassin close to level 30, it would be strange to have anything but a double-bladed lightsaber. There’s something satisfying about watching both blades ignite, decloaking and backstabbing an enemy, all in one devastatingly smooth motion. It just feels right.


Sith Purebloods, Humans, Twi’lek, Rattataki, and Zabrak are your species choices for the Inquisitor. If you want to take the iconic route, choose the Darth Maul look-a-like Zabrak. I went with a human Assassin and a Pureblood Sorcerer. While species choice has no effect on gameplay, I have to admit, the racial abilities for the Purebloods are just kick ass. Slapping your companion and making them cry is just ruthlessly fun. Humans get a pump up the crowd racial ability where everyone around you hops up and down doing the Arsenio Hall fist pump motion. (I never thought I’d ever mention Arsenio Hall in a TORWars article, but there you go.) Bottom line, if you really want to be evil at all times, the Pureblood is the way to go.

Species, skill rotations, leveling, Datacrons, specializations and lots more are covered in more detail here!


The Inquisitor story is dark. Really dark. I played the Consular on the Republic side until level 10. Not surprisingly, the story is very Jedi-tastic. Sure, there are Dark Side decisions, but those decisions, in my opinion, are nothing like the Light/Dark Side decisions the Inquisitor faces. It’s not really fair to compare the two, because they are completely different factions and storylines, but let me give you a spoiler free example of the sinister beauty that is the Inquisitor story.

Within the first few levels, you are faced with several opportunities to inflict pain on others as your quest for power unfolds. A typical Light/Dark Side dilemma will give you the choice to shock an NPC, or to kill him/her. In a word, the Inquisitor storyline is not for the faint-hearted. Granted, I played my Inquisitor as dark as possible, but if I was trying to go the Light Side route, the choices are just not all that light.

Force Choke

*Minor spoiler example incoming: On Balmorra, I walked in on a Sith Lord Force Choking another NPC. The Light Side choice was to interrupt a very powerful Sith Lord (Dark, would allow her to kill the NPC.) I chose not to intervene, but my hunch is that she would have killed him anyway, and probably would have been a little peeved at the interruption. Think about it, would you interrupt Darth Vader mid-Force Choke? I didn’t think so.

Without spoiling any more of a story filled with backstabbing, scheming and power posturing, the Inquisitor story is amazing in its darkness. If you are curious about how the Palpatines of the Star Wars universe got their sinister beginnings, the Inquisitor is for you. If you don’t want to hurt anyone at all, this is not the class for you. A Light Side Inquisitor, is only marginally more forgiving than its Dark Side equivalent. If that sounds like your cup of blue milk, take a big sip, and shock your way to top. And please, don’t be ashamed if an evil cackle escapes your lips from time to time.

It’s no secret that the Sith Inquisitor starts off as a slave. As I’ve mentioned in my Beta Impressions post a while back, within moments of appearing on the screen, your Inquisitor will have a rival, and every person in power is more than happy to see you fail and die. The rival I mentioned is the ‘star pupil’ of the young Inquisitors. He talks a lot of smack, and is looking to undermine you at every turn. Without giving too much away, if you are patient enough, you will see an opportunity to not only defeat him, but discredit his puppeteer as well. After playing through this scenario twice, it’s just as satisfying the second time as it is the first time. Did I mention the whole ordeal earns you a place at Darth Zash’s side? It’s a good day to be a Sith when you can help your master work her way toward the coveted status of Darth and beyond.


Force Lightning ability

I’ve mentioned before how satisfying Force Lightning is, but I’ll say it again. Force Lightning never gets old. In conversations it’s just plain fun, but on the battlefield it’s dominating. In the early levels on Korriban, you’ll be facing mobs of three to five enemies at once. It’s essential before you earn your first tanky companion Khem Val, that you learn to use your lighting-powered crowd control abilities to subdue enemies for a few seconds while you dispatch the others. Not surprisingly, the dark, flowing robes of the class don’t do too much in the way of absorbing damage.

When you venture into the first tomb at level one, you are cutting down K’lor’slugs with relative ease. You’re soon asked to take out the tomb looters that are hanging out in mobs of at least three. Aren’t looters supposed to be looting? Anyway, be sure you visit the trainer near the tomb entrance each time you level up. I remember when I died the first time – it came as a complete surprise. I was owning so completely, I just kept fighting, even after I dinged my next level. I realized pretty quickly that when faced with a mob of four looters, I’d need a new strategy. Buying new abilities from the trainer would have been a good start.

In the first five levels, Electrocute and Whirlwind will be your best friends. Whirlwind, which you get at level four, is an ideal way to approach groups of three or more. The ability will not only scoop an enemy up in a vortex for 15 seconds, but it will shock them, (and up to 8 others) every 3 seconds. Be sure you do not cause damage to the enemy you’ve used it on, otherwise it will break the whirlwind, and he’ll join his buddies in pummeling you.

After crowd controlling an enemy with Whirlwind, tab target the next enemy and use Electrocute. That will both stun and damage for five seconds. You’d think 15 seconds isn’t a lot of time, let alone five seconds, but at early levels, this is plenty of time to bash the rest of the mobs with your vibroblade, or use Force Lightning to do heavy damage. By the time the five seconds are up, at least one other enemy will fall, if not two. Then all you have left is the vortex guy. Do what you will with him. He’ll be close to death anyway.

Khem Val (First Companion)

Khem Val CompanionAs you progress in your class quests on Korriban, you will free the ancient devourer of thousands of Jedi, Khem Val. Besides combat becoming a lot easier when Khem Val joins you as a companion, he’s actually pretty entertaining and easy to please. That is, if you get right to the point, don’t put up with any crap, and kill everything in your path, Khem Val is easy to please. He’ll act as a meat shield of sorts for your pre-AC Inquisitor. He’ll absorb a ton of damage while you shock fools from a distance.

If you can get past his ugly mug, and partial nudity, he’ll get your back wholeheartedly. Be sure to choose Dark Side options if you want to keep his favor however. He will actually threaten you at times if it appears that you’re going soft. Kill enough, and make dark choices and he’ll happily kill, and protect you while you rack up a ton of Affection Points. Everybody wins.


I mentioned before that the Inquisitor can only use Light Armor. It’s really important that you upgrade your gear as often as possible. Granted, if you decide to use Khem Val as a tank while you dish out the damage, you’ll survive. However, mere survival is not enough I’m afraid. Focus on gear which increases Willpower for a greater Force pool, and Endurance to help you survive the early levels.

Don’t forget the meat shield! Khem Val will die, and die often if you do not upgrade his gear. Focus on Endurance and Strength for Val if he’s to tank for you. He won’t last long on Heroic missions, Flashpoints, or later level encounters if you don’t hook him up with better (Heavy Armor) gear. If he goes down, unless you are a tank spec, you’ll be soon to follow. It happens faster than you’d think.


Overall, the early levels of the Inquisitor are a blast to play. You get to be more evil than you think is possible, shoot lightning from your fingers, shock people in conversations, and selfishly aspire to great power at the expense of everyone around you. If this doesn’t sound like your style of gameplay, this isn’t the class for you. As with all classes, you will be faced with many choices, but most of the Inquisitor’s are just plain evil. Would an aspiring Sith Lord have it any other way? That’s for you to decide.

Species, skill rotations, leveling, Datacrons, specializations and lots more are covered in more detail here!

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