Sith Inquisitor Companions

Khem Val CompanionHere’s where you’ll find information on the companions that are available to Sith Inquisitors. You can also find out which planet you can get them on and what bonuses you’ll get.

Khem Val

  • Male Dashade
  • Planet: Korriban
  • Melee Tank with heavy armor
  • The Dashade are large reptiles with dark skin and powerful claws. Kim Vaal is a melee focused fighter with the unique racial ability to “soak up” force power from enemy force users. This allows the player to take a less active melee role, for those who choose to stand away from combat. Notes: Da Shade (Force Eater)
  • Crew Skills: +15 Artifice Efficiency, +5 Research Efficiency

Andronikus Revel

  • Planet: Tatooine
  • Smuggler/pirate
  • Ranged DPS, has medium armor, uses Blaster pistols and has a concussion shot kit
  • Crew Skills: +2 Slicing Critical, +2 Underworld Trading Critical

Ashara Zavros

  • Female Togrunta
  • Planet: Taris
  • Melee DPS with medium armor and dual lightsabers
  • Starting Kit: Energy Shield [Personal Shield Kit]
  • Crew Skills: +10 Synthweaving Efficiency, +10 Diplomacy Efficiency

Talos Drellik

  • Male
  • Planet: Hoth
  • Ranged Healer, Blaster + Generator
  • Medium Armor with a Medkit as starting kit
  • Crew Skills:+5 Treasure Hunting Efficiency, +5 Archaeology Critical


  • Male Kaleesh
  • Planet: Voss
  • Ranged tank, starts with Shockwave kit
  • DPS caster with a lightsaber and a generator
  • Has light armor
  • This Kaleesh Force-user is a pure damage dealer. This allows the Inquisitor to concentrate on healing from the second row and still deal sufficient damage or to add to his strength as a fighter and be even more destructive.
  • Crew Skills: +10 Bioanalysis Efficiency, +2 Scavenging Critical

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