Which Traits to Use in Elder Scrolls Online


Though there is fairly little variety in gear stats in The Elder Scrolls Online, there are still optimal setups you can use to maximize its effectiveness. Outside of set bonuses and enchants you can only customize traits when crafting your equipment, so making sure they are the most optimal ones is even more important. In this guide you’ll learn exactly which traits are best on your gear no matter the build or setup! If you don’t want to read the boring details, click here to jump directly to the table…

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Star Trek Online Item Bonuses Guide

Star Trek Online logo

In Star Trek there are tons of items with different damage types, resistances and bonuses, and all of them also have marks. While most of the time it’s not too hard to figure out which one you should use, knowing what those Acc, Reg, Pol and dozens of other abbreviations do is really helpful. Whether you will choose Tetryon or Polaron damage reduction on your shields, or a deflector with Sensors or Sensor Probes bonuses is up to you, but you can use this list as a reference of all…

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