Killerguides SWTOR Credits Guide Review

Killerguides SWTOR Credits GuideKillerguides is one of the most recommended guide publishers when it comes to various online games, not just Star Wars: The Old Republic. They have nearly twenty SWTOR guides in their arsenal covering many aspects of this game, but what we’re most interested in is of course the guide for making credits.

Killerguides SWTOR Credit Guide is a pretty detailed compilation of information helping you earn your first few millions, and more. Most of the tips inside are aimed at beginners and low-level players, which is what most players are interested in anyway. By using their credit making strategies and tactics outlined inside the guide you can be sure to be able to purchase anything you like without a doubt.

It includes great information on crew skills, SWTOR’s version of professions and tradeskills. If you want to know which crafting skills are best for making credits, or which gathering skills yield materials that are in constant demand, this guide will answer your questions in great detail.

This SWTOR credits guide also includes very useful tips on making credits via the Galactic Trade Network, which is The Old Republic’s auction house. You’ll immediately know which items are sought after and how much they sell for, in turn making sure you get the most profit possible when selling items, or find the best deals when buying them. Many locations are also noted which are known to yield great item drops which can easily be sold on the GTN.

In conclusion Killerguides SWTOR Credits Guide is definitely worth picking up! The only mistake you can make is not downloading any of their other guides, such as the highly rated leveling guide or detailed class guides. Killerguides will help you with just about anything you come across in Star Wars: The Old Republic, and with free and regular updates you can be sure these tips will work for years to come.

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