Jedi Knight Guides

Many speculate that there will be a lot of players choosing the Jedi Knight, as they are usually the first thing that comes to mind to any Star Wars fan. Jedi Knight is one of the two Galactic Republic-aligned force sensitive classes, along with the Jedi Consular. It is the more combat-ready class of the two, always leading the charge against the evil Sith Empire. Its focus is on lightsaber use and combat tactics. The Jedi Knights use the Force mostly to accent their lightsaber skills.

Before you ask, yes you can choose which color your lightsaber will be. Jedi Knights in terms of standard MMORPG games would be considered a primary damage class and/or tank. The Jedi Knight would be the class players want to use to do the majority of damage in a group or in PvP combat.

The two main class specializations are Jedi Sentinel and Jedi Guardian. Sentinels use two lightsabers and focus on dealing damage, while the Guardians like to wear heavier armor, therefore make for great tanks.

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