Zobias Crysis 2 Strategy Guide

Zobias Crysis 2 strategy-guideThere’s plenty of resources online where you can read up on Crysis 2, including a variety of tips and tricks, singleplayer walkthroughs and multiplayer guides. I’ve read a ton of it but so far I haven’t found any of those sites nearly as useful or detailed as Zobias’ Crysis 2 Strategy Guide. It contains a wealth of strategies, tactics, tips, tricks and guides and compiles it into one easy to read, comprehensive strategy guide for C2 that is unmatched in usefulness and quality.

So if you’ve stumbled upon Zobias’ C2 guide somewhere and want to know exactly what’s inside it here’s my summary.

Nanosuit Modules Guide

Nanosuit guideThis guide will teach you absolutely everything you need to know about nanosuits and the different available modules. Learn which ones are best, which ones are useless and even which ones are bugged! This is the kind of stuff other players won’t ever share with you.

Energy Management Guide

What separates good players from excellent players is proper management of energy. There’s plenty of tricks to it that you won’t figure out at first by yourself so reading this guide and putting it into practice is the best way to become a better player.

Weapons Guide

A detailed overview of all the available weapons in Crysis 2, along with their stats and mechanics. Learn exactly how much damage, recoil etc. your favorite weapon has and whether you’re using it optimally and effectively. The comparison between weapons along with their hidden mechanics is invaluable and really can’t be found anywhere else no matter how hard you look.

Maps Guide

Every single map you can play in online matches has it’s own little secrets most players have no clue about. In this guide you’ll get the top strategies and tactics for all playable maps, learn what the best sniping spots are, learn where you can find campers in almost every match, where to drop orbital assaults for maximum effectiveness, learn quick shortcuts, how to use the terrain to your advantage, and about a dozen other things.

Multiplayer maps and tactics guide

Skills Guide

Combat movement and skills guideThis skills guide will give you a basic overview of things you should know and keep track of when playing any FPS game, not just Crysis. Overall it’s aimed at beginners in the genre but even more experienced players will surely find it useful to read and keep in mind. It consists of:

  • Movement guide
  • Hunting & tracking guide
  • Weapon selection guide
  • Sniping guide
  • Map Analysis guide

Teamwork Guide

Another set of guides aimed at beginners but I really advise everyone to read this before heading into multiplayer battles. It’ll give you a basic overview of how to learn to work with other players and applying these principles does in fact make for a more enjoyable experience. It consists of the following guides:

  • Communication and teamwork
  • Selecting a team to join
  • Creating your own team

That’s about all the most important contents you can find in Zobias Crysis guide. As you can see it’s useful for beginner players as well but most of the content is aimed at those who really want to become better at this game and constantly own other players.

Ask yourself how many times did you die because someone was quicker than you? How many times did you die from a sniper shot before you could even react? Or even how many times you thought the other guy was cheating? Chances are he’s not a cheater, but rather a very skilled player who actually took the time to read the awesome Zobias Guide and put the strategies and tactics into practice. You can do it too. Just for the record Zobias doesn’t include any cheats, hacks or aimbots with his guide and it’s perfectly legal to use. Download the guide below and you won’t be laughed at ever again.

Download Zobias Crysis 2 Strategy Guide Here

The guide is supposed to get pulled off shortly so I suggest you don’t wait.

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