Crysis 2 Multiplayer Progression & Leveling Guide

Crysis 2 MultiplayerWhen you compare the multiplayer experience in Crysis 2 to most other FPS games, you will quickly come to the conclusion its much more addictive and entertaining in Crysis. This article will give you a basic overview of the Crysis 2 multiplayer, tell you how you can gain levels, unlock new game modes and give you a few tips to get you started.

There are several different multiplayer game modes:

  1. Team Instant Action – team deathmatch
  2. Instant Action – deathmatch
  3. Crash Site – similar to Headquarters where you have to secure an alien drop pod site
  4. Capture the Relay – standard capture the flag mode
  5. Assault and Extraction – you have to deliver an objective to your base

Instant and Team Instant Action modes can be played by anyone by default. Other modes are unlocked by gaining certain ranks or levels. There’s a maximum of 50 levels in Crysis 2, and you can gain experience required for them with a number of different ways:

  • First Strike! – Get the opening (first) kill +50
  • Smackdown! – Kill an enemy with a melee attack +50
  • Punture! – Kill an enemy through an object +50
  • Headshot! – Kill an enemy in the head +50
  • Busted! – Kill a cloaked enemy +50
  • Double Kill! – Kill two enemies one right after the other +50
  • Combined Fire! – Kill an enemy with two guns +50
  • Intervention! – Kill an enemy that is shooting your teammate +50
  • Defiant! – Kill an enemy that is shooting you +50
  • Vengeance! – Kill the enemy that kill you +50
  • Dead Air! – Kill an enemy in mid-air +50
  • Specter! – Kill an enemy while cloaked +50
  • Flushed! – Hurt an enemy with a grenade and kill him +50

In the game’s multiplayer menu there’s an option labeled “Progression” where you can check how much experience (XP) you need to obtain the next level. As you level up you will unlock points which you can use to upgrade weapons and unlock new abilities for your nanosuit.

  • Lvl 2 (Cadet II) – 500 XP, Class, Dog Tag
  • Lvl 3 (Cadet III) – 1,500 XP, Class
  • Lvl 4 (Recruit I) – 3,000 XP, Class, Dog Tag
  • Lvl 5 (Recruit II) – 5,000 XP, Custom Class 1, Dog Tag, Weapon, Armor, Stealth, Power
  • Lvl 6 (Recruit III) – 6,800 XP, Crash Site Gametype, Dog Tag
  • Lvl 7 (Private I) – 10,300 XP, Weapon
  • Lvl 8 (Private II) – 15,300 XP, Module Assessment, Dog Tag
  • Lvl 9 (Private III) – 20,200 XP, Weapon, Dog Tag
  • Lvl 10 (Trooper I) – 25,900 XP, Custom Class 2, Dog Tag
  • Lvl 11 (Trooper II) – 32,500 XP, Stealth Modules, Dog Tag
  • Lvl 12 (Trooper III) – 40,000 XP, Capture The Relay, Dog Tag
  • Lvl 13 (Private First Class I) – 48,500 XP, Weapon, Dog Tag
  • Lvl 14 (Private First Class II) – 58,000 XP, Power Modules, Dog Tag
  • Lvl 15 (Private First Class III) – 68,600 XP, Weapon, Dog Tag
  • Lvl 16 (Specialist I) – 80,300 XP, Custom Class 3, Dog Tag
  • Lvl 17 (Specialist II) – 93,200 XP, Dog Tag
  • Lvl 18 (Specialist III) – 107,300 XP, Assault Gametype, Dog Tag
  • Lvl 19 (Ranger I) – 122,600 XP, Weapon, Dog Tag
  • Lvl 20 (Ranger II) – 139,200 XP, Custom Class 4, Dog Tag
  • Lvl 21 (Ranger III) – 157,100 XP, Weapon, K-Volt, Marshall, JAW, AY69
  • Lvl 22 (Guard I) – 176,400 XP, Extraction Gametype, Dog Tag
  • Lvl 23 (Guard II) – 190,000ish XP (MISSED), Support Bonus Assessment, Dog Tag
  • Lvl 24 (Guard III) – 219,300 XP, Weapon, Dog Tag
  • Lvl 25 (Operative I) – 243,000 XP, Custom Class 5
  • Lvl 26 (Operative II) – 268,300 XP

Here’s a few tips you should keep in mind in multiplayer matches:

  • Make sure you switch from Power, Stealth and Armor nanosuit modes all the time as required
  • Always keep an eye on your energy meter
  • Always pick up dog tags (if you’re too lazy just get the nanosuit module that picks it up automatically). Dog Tags allow you to call an orbital strike and similar rewards
  • Make sure you look at the map before you call in an orbital strike so you hit as many enemies as possible
  • Don’t forget to use the visor functionality. If your teammates kill a marked enemy you can also get additional points!

This is just a basic overview of the multiplayer leveling in Crysis 2, along with a few tips. Make sure you add your own tips and tricks in the comments below.

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7 Thoughts to “Crysis 2 Multiplayer Progression & Leveling Guide

  1. Jason Bean

    First-Person shooters are the type of genre that originally got me interested in video games. There’ve been several good FPS games released this year (2011) but Crysis 2 is the first one that I feel is worth the $60, especially for us single-player only gamers.

    Even with it’s flaws Crysis 2 is an excellent game! With open-ended level designs, player customization, a good story and a lengthy single-player campaign (a little over ten hours on the first play-through!) with high replayability this is an FPS that’s more than worth the money you put into it. Highly recommended!

  2. Adesoji Ogungbesan

    Everything’s already been said about the graphics etc. Started a bit slow, not much action till Mission 10. I’ve heard it said that you choose how to play, what tactics to use etc, but (to me anyway) seems stealth is the only way to play, the suit can’t take many hits. Good game, bit frustrating at the beginning.

  3. S. Hull

    Crysis one wasn’t the world’s best game, but it was a blast.

    Crysis 2
    Pro’s – smoother, less demanding on PC, suit easier to use

    Cons- truly does feel like I’m playing the Xbox, as a PC port. It is VERY VERY VERY scripted/linear. I truly mean go to point A, B, C…. no free will like in Crysis. It has no replay abilityfactor. I tried multiplayer and found it annoying.

    Glad I got it for $29 on the daily deal, but overall it’s a one time play.

    I would NOT spend more than $25-29 on it at the max.

  4. Joe

    In spite of having to run the game on med-low resolution settings I found the game to be excellent. The story flows very well and you never get bored with it. The graphics are excellent, characters are well played for the most part, and the final battle is epic. Even the escort mission (the achillies heal of most games) felt realistic and worked well…

  5. 33rd degree scotish rite

    Game is garbage looks like trash on the xbox looks worse in 3d and runs like garbage on the xbox. Shouldn’t a game look better in 3d. It seems to take a hudge hit to the hardware on the xbox when its in 3d the game feels slow and unresponsive in 3d the floaty controls while in 3d is in my opinion uncalled for. The ai in campain is terrible I stood in a waterfall and watched aliens get stumped as they could not figure out how to get into the waterfall pathetic big step down from the original crysis I wish tesselation was out when they made crysis one.

  6. Crisis two gamer

    This game is superb mind blowingly perfect. The offline is fun and can be extremmly challenging when set on higher levels. The online is awsomely relistic just like offline. Dosent lags little to no glitches. U get hooked right fromm the begining. And if you invest a good 2 hours online u cant stop playing. Smuck mw3 and cod. I used to love until i played crisis and now they look like shit well worth 60$ get it email me At [censored] for secreat tips on how to rock and pown everybody in multiplayer(no cheats)

  7. Jim

    Im having a really hard time choosing mouse sensitivity in crysis multiplayer. I use the cl_sensitivity=# command but theres just so many choices. I hate when people say just put it on the lowest but thats not true aiming skill. sure anyone can slow down the sensitivity so they dont have to do much work…I want a sensitivity where its true hand eye coordination and not just low lazy sensitivity that feels like your dragging 50 pounds with your mouse just to move an inch on the screen..

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