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It’s not often that I get to review guides for FPS games, but I suppose with a title as popular as this one it’s not a surprise a guide has already been released. The game is out for only a few days, so I’m pretty impressed that the author of the one guide I was able to find managed to get so much information packed in one quality C2 strategy guide.

It is somewhat disappointing that there’s only one guide for Crysis 2 available, but on the other hand the guide is very detailed and well done, so I don’t think it even needs any competition at this point. Hopefully you will find both my review and the guide itself as useful as I did.

  1. Zobias Crysis 2 Strategy Guide (review) – rated 5/5

1. Zobias Crysis 2 Strategy Guide

Rating: ★★★★★ 

As I already mentioned, this is currently the only available Crysis 2 strategy guide. Fortunately I don’t think you’ll be disappointed by it however as it does contain plenty of quality tips, tricks, strategies, tactics and guides you will surely find useful.

For me the most useful part of Zobias C2 strategy guide is the one about nanosuits and weapons. Knowing the differences, stats, mechanics and other ins and outs of them is crucial to having more success in defeating your opponents. It’s especially important for multiplayer games in which you battle other players: you will want every possible advantage you can get there, and that’s exactly what this guide provides.

Breakdown of classes is also useful, but for me not nearly enough as the overview of every single multiplayer map, along with the strategies, choke points, tactical map advantages, screenshots, and tons of other information. With this you’ll know exactly what the pro players constantly use to get incredibly high scores in matches, and no we’re not talking about any kind of cheats or hacks here. Just by knowing the terrain and the map will give you a significant advantage over others, so make sure you don’t skip this part of the strategy guide.

Overall Zobias clearly put a lot of effort into writing this guide and his tips don’t come from some Crysis 2 forums or blogs, but obviously he knows it because he has spent an incredible amount of time actually playing the game. If you want to keep dominating other players in online matches over and over again this guide is exactly what you need.

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