Beginners TERA Leveling Guide

Well, it’s more of a collection of random leveling tips than a full leveling guide, but it’ll do until we can gather more information about the game. There are a lot of players interested in Tera Online, so having a few pointers on how to level up quicker will surely be welcome. I tried to include tips that aren’t exclusive to some classes, so hopefully they will benefit everyone.

Don’t forget to also add your own tips and tricks on leveling in the comments below.

TERA Character Screenshot1. Quests Give Most Experience

It’s nothing uncommon for MMORPGs; doing quests will yield the most and easiest experience points to reach new levels. Storyline quests dish out the most XP gain, so make sure to always do those. Grinding in TERA isn’t all that worth it, and as always it’s tedious and very, very boring. Fortunately you can skip it.

2. Dungeons Give Massive XP Too

Whenever you get to a level and can go to a new dungeon, make sure to take full advantage of that. Don’t just do the instance once: I recommend you clear it 3-4 times at least, as each run can give you one additional level, even post level 30. Along the way you’ll surely pick up some good items, which will further help you with leveling. The downside is that you’ll have to look for a good group to make dungeon clearing as fast and smooth as possible, but it’s well worth it.

3. Some Classes Level Faster

Obviously, damage dealing classes will level up at a faster rate than say, Priests. Of course it’s up to you which class to play depending on your play style and personal preference, but it’s something you should keep in mind; if you want to level up to the cap as quick as you can, pick something that can dish out more damage and farm with as little downtime as possible.

4. Group Up With Friends

If for example you are playing a Priest, you’ll quickly notice that you aren’t the best farmer in the game. Grouping with a Warrior for example can tremendously increase your leveling speed because you’ll be killing monsters with nearly no downtime at all. If you don’t play with any friends, joining a guild might be worth it.

5. Join a Guild

Fortunately joining a guild in TERA is incredibly easy. The game interface allows you to list all available guilds out there, whether they are recruiting, their praise level, guild level and more. Your guild might ask you to help complete some guild quests, but fortunately you can benefit from that as well by gaining various elixirs, for example those that increase your experience gain from doing quests.

An essence node that you can gather in TERA Online6. Group Gathering

A weird concept, I know, but in TERA it works extremely well. You can group up with your friends and guildmates and harvest ore and herbs together. This is particularly useful at level 11 when you’re doing the quest to obtain a mount: gathering 10 resources is much faster if you group up with someone instead of trying to outrun them to the node.

7. Don’t Forget Glyphs

Glyphs are kind of like talent trees: they make your character more powerful in various aspects and you should always use them when available. First glyphs are available at level 20 (a whooping 10 points), and after that you will gain one glyph for each level, so be sure to open up your skills menu and use them. Improving your skills is, needless to say, beneficial. But I said it anyway.

8. Long Queues Give XP Boosts

That’s right: waiting in a queue to get into the game gives you an experience boost. I’m actually surprised other games didn’t think of that, as it’s nearly inevitable in the first few weeks after a game gets released. Some servers might have lower populations and queues are usually not that long (if there are queues at all), but on high population servers the situation can be quite different. After waiting in a queue for 10 minutes, for every additional minute you receive a 10% XP boost helping you catch up. This buff persists through death and will even be available if you log out.

"Looking For Group" tool in TERA9. Use LFG Tool

The “Looking For Group” tool is very useful, and you should make sure to always use it when you are, well, looking for a group. You can access it with the “Y” hotkey (default), and write your own message in the dialog, or browse other player’s messages. You can also publish your message on the LFG chat, which other players can click there to view details and message you.

10. Use Chain Skills

At level 4 (I think) you should already have a basic understanding of chain skills and how they work. By accessing your chain skills menu in your skill list (“K” hotkey) you can setup your skills for use immediately after another. It effectively works like macros and is very helpful.

Hopefully these few tips will help you with leveling your characters in TERA. They aren’t class-specific so you can use it on any class you play. And a second reminder: add your own tips in the comments below so other players can benefit as well. Thanks!

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  1. Flip

    Dungeons are NOT worth doing 4 times, do them once or twice (just knock out the quests then dont bother).
    Questing is also very relative to the amount of time you spend running around and grinding mobs (you migh even be overleveled and doing too many quests), sometimes its worth to just grind the mobs/BAM’s over questing – and the added bg Corsairs stronghold is a great xp boost (a win = 20% of your level in xp + daily quest yields a ton of xp and gold + box key)

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