WoW: Grim Batol Instance Guide

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Grim Batol is a mountain fortress located in the eastern Wetlands. It has great walls and spires that reach toward a steel-gray sky, but the stronghold’s bulk is underground. Founded by Wildhammer dwarves and later captured by orcs, a flight of red dragons now command Grim Batol. The dragons guard a secret power within the fortress and let no one near.



Notable Trash

After clearing two or three trash groups, you will notice a number of dragons that are tied down. Free them for the next stage.

It is now possible to ride these drakes. When you mount them, your action bar will change, like any other vehicle. You will only have one attack, the dragon’s breath.

Press 1 on your keyboard then click on the ground to shoot your flame breath. As you fly over the instance, use the breath to damage all of the trash between there and the final boss. It is possible, if planned perfectly, to kill all of the trash in the instance except those directly by the forge, and the last boss. Usually however, you’ll damage most groups to about half HP, possibly killing one or two. Either way, the more effectively you use the dragons, the faster the rest of the instance will be.


General Umbriss


  • Bleeding Wound – Deals weapon damage as well as an additional ~10,000 Physical damage every 2 seconds for 10 seconds or until the target is healed to at least 90% health.
  • Blitz – General Umbriss charges an enemy location, dealing physical damage and knocking them up if impacted!
  • Frenzy – General Umbriss goes into a frenzy, increasing his attack speed by 50% and his Physical damage by 50%.
  • Ground Siege – Inflicts 60,000 Physical damage to all players and stuns them for 4 seconds.


Heal the Bleeding Wound targets quickly.

  1. Spread out to avoid multiple players getting hit by Blitz.
  2. One of the adds spawned will be larger than the others, and purple in colour. This add must be killed away from the boss, or it will cause him to frenzy. Do this by either having a DPS taunt it, stun it away from the boss, death grip, Distracting shot, whatever works to get that add away from the boss.
  3. This is the key component of the fight, as when he frenzies, a blitz will one shot even a Tank.

Forgemaster Throngus


  • Disorienting Roar – The Disorienting Shout decreases cast and attack speed by 50% per charge, depleting a charge every time an ability is cast. Starts with 3 charges.
    Impaling Slam – Charges an enemy, impaling it and inflicting 19500 to 20500 Fire damage every 1 sec for 5 sec.
  • Mighty Stomp – The Mighty Stomp creates a Cave In.
  • Pick Weapon – The Forgemaster ponders which weapon he wants to use to bludgeon his enemies.
    • Mace – Throngus gains Encumbered, reducing his movement speed by 70%, but increasing his physical damage by 300%.
    • Shield – Throngus gains Personal Phalanx, decreasing damage taken from the front by 99%. Also summons Twilight Archers that cannot be targeted, but attack with Flaming Arrows.
    • Swords – Throngus gains Dual Blades, increasing his chance to hit by 20%, and giving each of his attack chance to gain 2 extra attacks.


  1. For Mace, have a hunter taunt, or simply kite the boss until the buff expires, dps will have to watch threat as the tank will get pounded trying to TPS.
  2. For Shield, the boss will also breathe fire directed at a random party member, which will continue either until the shield buff expires, or no party members are standing in the flame. Constantly move from this ability as it hurts, a lot. Healer should switch to AoE heals as tank damage is minimal.
  3. For swords, simply use a Tank or Healer cooldown to get through it. Tank and spank here.
  4. Avoid the created cave ins, shown by the shower of rocks, much like the earth adds in VoA.
  5. There are a pair of lone NPCs which patrol between certain mob groups. Pull them mid patrol, so they’re not next to any of the other groups. When agroed, they will summon a Twilight Drake to assist them, DPS it as per normal. Only thing to note here is the dragon spawns fire on the ground. Move out of it.

Drahga Shadowburner


Phase 1: 100% – 20%

  • Burning Shadowbolt – Inflicts 14625 to 15375 Shadowflame damage.
  • Invocation of Flame – Summons a Invoked Flaming Spirit that fixates on a target. When the Spirit reaches its target it causes a Supernova, inflicting 48750 to 51250 Fire damage in a 0 yard radius around the Spirit.
  • Twilight Protection – Protected by the aura of the Twilight, Drahga takes 90% less damage!

Phase 2: 20%

  • Devouring Flames – Devouring Flames inflicts 50000 Shadow damage every 1 sec, the damage is lower the further the target is from the origin of the Devouring Flames.
  • Shredding Swipe – The brutal Shredding Swipe inflicts 100% weapon damage and tears a rift to the Twilight Realm.
  • Twilight Shift – Valiona shifts into the twilight, allowing her to escape without harm!


  1. This is a two boss, two phase fight. The first boss is an NPC with less than a mil HP, he will die relatively quickly. Get him to 20% and he will spawn the 2nd boss with the usual expected HP. When this second boss is brought to 10%, it will fly away, and the first boss will return. The fight ends when his HP drops from the original 20%, to 0.
    Throughout the entire fight, the highest priority of DPS will always be the adds. Large fire elementals will spawn randomly throughout the room, and after a moment, target a random play and move towards them, much like the PP gases in ICC. Like the gases, run away from the adds until they pick their target (shown by a beam of orange flame) then burn them as fast as possible.
  2. These adds have no agro table, and are susceptible to every trick in the book. Stuns, slows, knock backs, the works. Use anything available to stop the add reaching its target, as if it makes contact, it will deal upwards of 120k damage; an almost guaranteed 1 shot. This damage is AoE.

In phase 2:

  1. Fire will spawn randomly throughout the room, and simply must be avoided, not a huge issue.
  2. For the Tank, the boss will spawn a large pool of magma beneath the tank’s feet, and they must move out of this quickly. Be careful when moving, as you don’t want to move towards an add that has you targeted.
  3. Devouring Flames is a mana drain on the healer more-so than a raid wiper. The group members have two options here. If you’re near the boss’ pivot point in the room, simply move behind it when it turns to cast devouring flames, however if you cannot make it within a few steps, move as far away from the boss as you can, as it does less damage the further away you are. The Tank should never be hit by this ability.



  • Binding Shadows – The Bindings Shadows drains 0 life every 5 sec and root players within 0 yards of the target for until cancelled.
  • Enfeebling Blow – The Enfeebling Blow inflicts 75% weapon damage as Shadow damage, knocking the target back and causing their mind to become feeble.
  • Shadow Gale – Channels a Gale of Shadows inflicting increasing Shadow damage over time to enemies that are not in the eye of the Shadow Gale.
  • Summon Faceless Corruptor – Summons 2 Faceless Corruptors at the entrance of the room. The Faceless will try to run to any egg an use Twilight Corruption on it. On successful cast, the egg will spawn two Twilight Hatchlings. The Corruptors will also try to use Umbral Mending on Erudax. And finally, they will cast Siphon Essence.


  1. Enfeebling blow, when used on the tank, should be used as a period to kite the boss until the debuff expires.
  2. The Faceless Corruptors’ healing spell that is cast on the boss can be interrupted.
  3. These adds will only cast their spells when they reach their designated positions in the room and they have no agro table. They are immune to stuns, but slows are still effective. They should be burned quickly to avoid consequences, as the dps do not need to worry about pulling agro.
  4. The eye of Shadow Gale is not definitively outlined; stand as close to the centre as you can to avoid excess ticks.
  5. It is possible to DPS the boss while inside the gale, however threat may be an issue as the Tank may be unable to TPS the boss due to range issues.
  6. Binding Shadows will root players with a magical debuff and drain their health. This lasts until the target is dispelled, or freed from the movement restriction by Hand of Freedom or equivalent. It is possible to avoid the transparent rotating cloud if you react fast enough.
  7. The issue here will be two things, Healer mana, and boss HP. If the adds get their heals off, unless your DPS is insane, it’s almost a guaranteed wipe.

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