30+ Path of Exile Tips You Should Know

Path of Exile is a complex game. There are countless little things to know and understand about the game. It’s no doubt one of the more complex RPGs out there, and many of the intricacies often get overlooked.

This post will give you a rundown of dozens of different tips and tricks that can help you out in Path of Exile. Enjoy!

  1. Putting points in “24% Increased Evasion Rating and Armour” in your skill tree will NOT increase your Evasion by 24% AND Armour by 24% if you’re using Iron Reflexes. It only gets counted once.
  2. Selling an item with three linked RGB sockets to a vendor will give you a Chromatic Orb. You should always pick these items up and vendor them!
  3. Did you know there’s a Chaos Orb recipe you should be using? Find it here.
  4. If you vendor multiple gems with combined quality of 40% you get back a Gemcutter’s Prism.
  5. If you’re having frequent problems with desync, you can force the server to re-sync with your client by typing /oos in chat. This command can only be used once every 10 seconds.
  6. Typing the command /remaining in chat will show how many monsters are still left alive in the area you’re in.
  7. Typing /passives in chat will show you how many passive skill points you have and where you got them from. Useful if you think you skipped some quests.
  8. Pick up an item from your inventory (but don’t drop it!) and type /itemlevel in chat to find out the iLvl of an item.
  9. You can link items in chat by holding down CTRL + ALT and left-clicking an item.
  10. Press “Ctrl + C” to copy item’s attributes including its itemlevel to your clipboard. You can paste the text version of an item with its stats anywhere.
  11. You must finish the game on Normal difficulty before you move on to Cruel.
  12. Confused which gems to take as your quest reward? Read my post about it.
  13. Side quests are very difficult in Cruel and Merciless. Group up with other players or come back to them later!
  14. To unlock the Scion class you need to finish the game on Normal difficulty first.
  15. Stash tabs and bundles are on sale every month or two. You might want to wait until they are before you buy them.
  16. If regular stash tabs microtransaction is on sale, Premium stash tab upgrades will be on sale the day after.
  17. Don’t wear blue (magic) items past level 10 unless you absolutely must. Yellow (rare) items are almost always better, and don’t underestimate their Armor, Evasion or Energy Shield bonuses.
  18. MF, IR, RT, US, CS, EK, LA, 6L… Confused? Read this!
  19. Registering on Poepro is completely free and hides all ads.
  20. After dying in a hardcore league your character is transferred to Standard league along with all his progress and equipped items.
  21. CTRL + Left Click on a waypoint destination to magically create a new instance of the area or see a list of existing instances.
  22. “Cast When Damage Taken” gem is awarded from “A Fixture of Fate” quest in Library in Act III Merciless.
  23. Level 20 gems are quite valuable. If you have any spare gem sockets be sure to level frequently used support gems in them.
  24. Gems gain experience even if placed in alternate weapons which are equipped on your character but not currently active.
  25. If you’re using “Bringer of Rain” unique item, gems in your chest still gain experience.
  26. Having trouble with Piety’s lightning spells? +10 to max Lightning Resistance helps a great deal, so bring a Topaz Flask!
  27. If you start leveling gems from character level 1, they should be level 20 by the time your character reaches 85.
  28. Gems do not get the same XP penalty as your character does.
  29. Vendoring a gem and an Orb of Scouring will de-level the gem by 1.
  30. “Cast When Damage Taken” linked is a powerful defensive gem you should get as soon as you can scrape together enough currency to buy one (level requirement is 31). Recommended links are with Molten Shell, Decoy Totem, Enduring Cry or Enfeeble.
  31. When identifying multiple items, hold “Shift” so you don’t have to click on Wisdom Scrolls every time.
  32. Using multiple flasks of the same type (i.e. two Life Flasks) will queue the lower life/second one after the effect of the other flask is finished.
  33. Critical Strike Multiplier only increases the damage dealt by your critical strike, not your critical strike chance.
  34. Every weapon and spell has a base chance to critically strike. If you have for example extra 80% to crit while using a sword with base 5% crit chance, your total critical chance will be 9% (5×1,8).
  35. One-handed weapons and shields can have 3 sockets at most.
  36. If using Iron Reflexes, you need 6667 base armor for Determination to be better than Grace.
  37. With a level 20 Reduced Mana gem, you need an additional 13% Reduced Mana Reserved to use two 60% and one 40% auras, or 22% Reduced Mana Reserved for three 60% auras.
  38. Quality on Reduced Mana gem only works on skills and spells, not auras.
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