Lord of the Rings Leveling Guide

Lord of the Rings is one of the most fun MMORPG games with many interesting features and fun elements. However, leveling in LotRO is far from fun most of the time and leveling guides are the only alternative to skip the boring part of the game. LotRO shines in endgame with entertaining raiding, but if you get bored of the game way before you reach the level cap there’s no point in playing at all, so check out these great Lord of the Rings Online leveling guides below and get straight to the best part.

Killerguides Lord of the Rings Leveling Guide1. Killerguides Lord of the Rings Leveling Guide

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Killerguides published a guide for pretty much any game you can think of and their authors have years of experience, not only in writing quality guides, but also in playing these games and finding the little secrets and tricks to make it easier. Killerguides LotRO guide is an all-in-one strategy guide for the game covering leveling in great detail, but also many other aspects of LotRO such as crafting, raiding, reputation system, class deeds, character stats, harvesting, weapons and armor and my favorite, a gold making guide.

Basically, Killerguides offers about a dozen guides for the price of one and the competition is not even close to that. You can also check out the other guides they offer, as the increasing popularity of the game demanded more and more specific class, gold making and other guides.


FTWGuides Lord of the Rings Leveling Guide2. FTWGuides Lord of the Rings Leveling Guide

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

FTWGuides unfortunately doesn’t offer any of the bonuses Killerguides leveling guide does and is overall not as good and detailed as Killer strategy guide. While it’s probably still useful for beginners, I highly recommend Killerguides guide as prime choice for all kinds of players.

Note: FTWguides no longer offers their Lord of the Rings Online Leveling Guide 🙁


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