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Age of Conan simply had no luck. It was released in a bad time and never got the full spotlight it deserves. The game has been now out for some time and many things are improved and changed, and player numbers are finally starting to increase a bit. One of the best Age of Conan features is the in-game quest tracker, however it only shows you so much. If you’re looking for that extra edge over other players and just want to taste the endgame a few weeks sooner, a good leveling guide will no doubt be very useful to you.

Age of Conan Fast Leveling Guide1. Age of Conan Fast Leveling Guide

Rating: ★★★★★ 

AoC Fast Leveling Guide is a step-by-step leveling guide which includes full colored maps and detailed leveling paths to make your leveling as smooth and fast as possible. The guide covers levels 1 to 80 and is incredibly detailed. It’s obvious the author knows what he’s talking about and really tested his leveling strategy which makes Age of Conan Fast Leveling Guide my favorite.


Killerguides Age of Conan Leveling Guide2. Killerguides Age of Conan Leveling Guide

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Killerguides yet again published a decent strategy guide for an MMO game. Their Age of Conan strategy guide was updated a lot of times since AoC: Hyborian Adventures was released and the guide is now very polished. While Killerguides usually publishes great MMO strategy and leveling guides, this time it’s not my favorite. The guide is good and very useful no doubt, but AoC Fast Leveling Guide is simply much more detailed and therefore my top recommendation. Killerguides guide also gives plenty of advice on other aspects of the game such as gold making, equipment, skills and abilities, feats, crafting and PvP. If you’re looking for an all-in-one guide Killerguides will make you happy, but if you’re only interested in leveling and want to explore everything else yourself, get the Fast Leveling Guide.


FTWGuides Age of Conan Leveling Guide3. FTWGuides Age of Conan Leveling Guide

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

FTWGuides Age of Conan Leveling Guide is unfortunately sub-par when compared to two other leveling guides. It is rather good nevertheless and complete to level 80, but their claims of getting you to level 80 in 5 days are highly exaggerated. While I’m sure it’s possible if you neglect absolutely everything else in the game, it’s unreasonable an average player will do so. Still, if you want to check the guide out the download link is below, but I recommend getting some other.


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