Alacrity Stat – What Does It Do?

There’s been a ton of questions lately surrounding the Alacrity attribute in SWTOR: what exactly is alacrity, and what does it do. I’ve posted about SWTOR character stats before, in which I’ve mentioned the following: Alacrity Rating – Decreases activation time for all abilities. This does NOT affect the global cooldown, and only reduces the time on casted abilities. Basically, if you’re familiar with the Haste attribute from WoW, Alacrity is pretty much the same. From the latest testing by players, Alacrity does in fact appear to be reducing the…

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SWTOR: Planets Progression Guide

Swtor Bounty Hunter - Rope Pull ability

This is an overview of the planets and their level ranges in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Since a lot of players don’t know on which level they’ll visit which planet, this should give you a nice hint and tell you when and where you’ll go next. Level ranges are approximate and you may gain experience faster and slower than expected. Level 1-10 (starting planets) Hutta Korriban Ord Mantell Tython Imperial Agents and Bounty Hunters start their adventure on Hutta. Sith Inquisitors & Warriors start on Korriban, Troopers & Smugglers…

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